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    How to make this handle slot?

    Hi Kev, this not a comment on the slot for the tang, merely an observation on the state of the wood of the existing handle. It looks like the knife has been regularly placed in a dishwasher? I've replaced/renovated a number of kitchen utensils and have learnt that the best way to look after them...
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    Remember in the old days when petrol was dispensed by attendents? I did the job at an Esso garage, looking after shop and pumping fuel; and if not too busy to give the customer's windscreen a quick wipe and to push "shots" of either Redex or STP, at something like 5p(?) a shot. I think that was...
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    Mystery blue shade on plane mouth

    I remember the first time I turned English Oak, beside the unique and not unpleasant smell I was surprised to see the wood 'bleeding' a dark blue/purple liquid which I later learned was a mineral stain. It discoloured all of the my turning tools, which were easy to clean up with a bit of 00...
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    Using a hacksaw cutting big(gish) stuff. Or how to saw a railway line.

    Well done Dave, always good to see someone taking a different approach
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    Record CL3 motor

    I've just have my Axminster head converted by Haydock. I was looking at flogging the parts no longer used - motor, nvr, pulletys , belt, shroud etc.. But decided against it, as not really worth much and I can still re-install if the conversion goes pear-shaped.
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    Another wood identification puzzle

    I've turned alot of Leylandii and its very enjoyable to turn green. As Rodpr says it is resistant to checking and has a very interesting and decorative grain pattern. Not all varieties are aromatic though. I've just finished rough turning a 14" platter, which is in my wood kiln at the moment...
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    Digital callipers.

    Like al tools you generally get what you pay for (most of the times). I've still got a working Workzone (Aldi one) digital caliper, which I have used extensively for 4 to 5 years. No problem with battery as I generally turn the display off, before the auto shut-off kicks in. Recently bought a...
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    Resin 'inlay' on carving?

    I have tried adding adding a red acrylic paint to white milliput. No matter how much paint I added I could not emulate anywhere near the same intensity of colour as the paint. I simply ended up with a pale pink colour.
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    Big wheel keeps on turning

    The type of wood being turned, IMHO, does not matter. Its a case of where the weight is distributed within the piece, that will give you the vibration and wobble. I got given a huge Black Pine (felled because of Red Band Needle blight) recently and have spent the last couple of weeks cutting it...
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    Replacement firepit bowl?

    I still have the steel drum of a long deceased washing machine , with three legs welded on, in my garden. That worked fine for me.
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    Why is it called grain?

    Perhaps another way of looking at this is the use and meaning of the word "Ingrained" or "Engrained" with describing something that is fixed, entrenched, established etc....
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    Kiln Advice Please.

    I built ex-Freezer Kiln a few years ago. I control the temperature by the use of incandescent light bulbs. I use 40w/60w and 100w bulbs which are still available out there. The 40w gives a very gentle heat while 100w is quite fierce. I have never needed a fan as the hot air circulates very well...
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    Stanley plane spares

    I'm pretty sure you get this part in the Stanley Screw Kit No. 3 https://www.buildworld.co.uk/merchant/stanley-kit-3-bailey-plane-screws-and-nuts-bw-5628
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    UPVc Window Seals

    I did my uPVC kitchen door and a single uPVC window both using the Stormguard uPVC universal black seal on a 20m roll from Toolstation at £18. The biggest problem I found was doing the windows, which had seals both on the frame and window itself and were difficult/awkward to access. Needless to...
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    All That Glitters ............... BBC

    I must admit there is one feature of these type of shows and that is at the start with the words "coming up....." or "on todays show......", which are essentially spoilers for people like me who like to be surprised and are not just waiting for what was shown in the prequel. I don't want to know...