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    Think I have the perfect dust mask, now I just need to bring it home

    Cheers and I’ve got a load of old dinning chairs and a table to breakdown and make stuff from so I’m planning to 😄. wish I had kept my old CPAP mask from my sleep apnea days. Forgot how good these were.
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    Think I have the perfect dust mask, now I just need to bring it home

    This handy wee mask will sort ALL of my dust issues. Not a chance of any getting to my lungs next time I am using power tools. Just need to get it and myself out of the Covid ward first.🤣
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    A warning, cheap tut.

    Scary stuff, glad you caught it in time.
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    So I bought a cheap scroll saw...

    Looks similar to the one I bought years ago, the blades are locked in place, if I remember you have to take the bottom cover off to get in. I ended up getting a kit to make it use pin blades (been years since I did it so may have the name wrong) these ones you just removed the tension and they...
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    Does your spouse have any odd habits?

    Leaving kitchen drawers open. For the past year she has started to do this all the time, opens a drawer, gets out what she wants and never closes it again. I’ve asked her why, she doesn’t know.
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    Nostalgia Old School B&D Drill

    Metal cases always make it more fun when trying out something you have found. When I was doing my YTS training many moons ago, we had an very old metal drill in the workshop, I was 17/18 and was never happy with the way the plug was wired as you could see the red and black wires outside the...
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    More price increases

    Went into Wickes this afternoon to pick up some more wood screws. As I walked past the 3x2 CLS 2.4M I near had a heart attack. £5.50 each They were £3.25 not that long ago.
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    Nostalgia Old School B&D Drill

    Here’s my trust old girl. Got her free from freecycle. Used all the time when I need repeatable drilling or using larger bits than my cheap 12v drill can handle. Best B&D drill I have owned.
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    Woodworking plans

    About 15 years ago, I paid for a collection of woodworking plans. Got a CD rom sent and it was full of PDF’s etc that someone had downloaded from the internet. I lost that disk maybe 14 years and 364 days ago as I put it in a safe place 🤨 I moved house 2 times since then and never came across...
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    Joke thread

    chap is a Scottish phrase, it means to knock.
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    Garden bench slats

    Don’t you just love autocorrect 😀 There is a metal bar that is screwed into every slat in the middle and seems to do a good job of holding it all together. This bench is only for occasional use as I’ve made four solid chairs and a wooden bench for the garden.
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    Joke thread

    That reminds me, who invented knock knock jokes? Two wee chaps.
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    Joke thread

    What’s green, 12ft long, has 22 balls and if it fell out at tree it would kill you? A snooker table
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    Garden bench slats

    I was after some 4ft slats, I am gambling on the price of wood dropping in a year or two so for now just used some softwood for now. Bought the cheapest stuff from Wickes and cut it down to the right size on the table saw. Will do for now. Gave it a good coat in paint to protect it till I get...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    The veneer is stunning.