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    standard door thickness?

    A 35mm door always seems flimsy to me. 44 mm is a proper door, I tend to make raised panels a little thinner, maybe 38mm or so, but it depends a bit on the size of the panel, the moulding for the panel and the moulding for the stiles. If in doubt make a dummy panel from pine or mdf just to...
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    Laser Measure - which one to buy?

    I see, I was imagining that you would measure while right next to the wall as with a tape measure, so the laser would be firing off to infinity. So, you sort of step away a bit and it does the maths? Its cleverer than I thought. Ollie
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    Random Orbital Sander, which padsaver?

    pe2dave I just use the normal abranet (not ace, max or hd) I did try some max in 80 grit for some heavy paint removal , it is sort of thicker mesh but didn`t seem to work any better particularly. petermillard I agree about the edge rounding with the padsaver and dont really use one often...
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    MFT clamps.

    I have the standard screw versions that came with my TS55 and they don`t loosen on me, however I wonder if using a router not a track saw maybe that extra vibration may cause loosening. I have some Bessey clamps with a similar head to the quick ones but without the t track end, just a normal...
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    Random Orbital Sander, which padsaver?

    Sorry for the confusion. Car paint suppliers like car paint warehouse stock products like sanding spares because their customers get through tons of them. They will stock air powered sanders and stuff like Mirka Deros, good 3m abrasives, abranet, dust masks, tack rags, gloves etc. Because a...
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    Laser Measure - which one to buy?

    This is probably an incredibly dense question, but how do you measure external corners ? Do you have to stick a little marker on or something ? Ollie
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    Struggling With Motivation

    I just mean that a mitre can show up any tiny mistake worse than dovetails.
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    Random Orbital Sander, which padsaver?

    Go to a car paint or automotive tool supplier they will likely have some. Try Morrells too. To avoid worrying about the holes start using abranet, you wont go back, also the Morrels brand abranet is cheaper and still made by mirka. Ollie
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    Building a timber rack?

    Have a look around for stuff to repurpose. We made racking from some old pub tables, they were made of 50mm square section steel tube, we cut the table support off turned them sideways and bolted them to the wall each table makes 2 shelves. Super strong and cost nothing. This looks good, and...
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    Struggling With Motivation

    Do you think mitres are easier ??!!!
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    Sliding wardrobe doors

    Thanks for the replies. I will look at the Hafele stuff they are normally good. The best I have seen so far are Hettich ones which look well engineered. Glynne Your idea does have merit. It is exactly the ratling I want to avoid. The trouble I have issue paying for something I could make...
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    Struggling With Motivation

    Perspective is key. I struggle with never being satisfied with my work because I know it is not perfect. I know I could do better. However other people do not agree with me and are very happy with the results. I have a couple of people I can ask for a sanity check. I suspect it is not as bad as...
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    Wanted Katz Moses dovetail guide

    You can use this calculator up to 5 times a day free Import Duty Calculator. I have used it to check prices on stuff sent from Japan and USA. Ollie
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    Heritage putty

    The key is to get a good tooling block. I prefer the Palu 568 ones, they are similar to the original repair care ones. The new repair care ones are a harder plastic and not as nice at all. The Hodgesons is the best I think and stiffer in consistency, very similar to the Dryseal. The Timbaglaze...
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    Sliding wardrobe doors

    Hi I am about to construct a new wardrobe / shelf unit in our bedroom. I am planning to have full width sliding doors , possibly 3 or 4 sections one with a mirror on. I will probably make the whole thing from birch ply, it will have a few drawers and rails etc. all behind the sliding front...