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  1. OLD

    Could this be a garden office ?

    Lots of glass ,on the side walls could you remove one frame turn the other on its side and board out the hole .Same treatment both sides keep glass in front wall for good light .Best insulation would be spray foam roof and walls no barrier required and plaster board dry wall installation, or...
  2. OLD

    Crane required for new workshop

    this any good with good fixed machine positions could be very versatile. https://www.sgs-engineering.com/ec2000- ... 9oQAvD_BwE
  3. OLD

    Lie Nielsen No. 60-1/2 Adjustable Mouth Block Plane SOLD

    Lie Nielsen No. 60-1/2 Adjustable Mouth Block Plane for sale with sock. Delivered to mainland tracked and insured. I really like this plane but the work i am doing and the very small amount of use does not justify keeping it. So it needs a new home as it works very well .Please see photos...
  4. OLD

    3 Vintage marples sash mortice + 1 mortice chisels

    3 Vintage marples sash mortice chisels 1/2 , 3/8 , 1/4 , + 3/16 .. Condition is Used. 1/2 very nice usable or collectable condition 14 inch long blade stamped, logo on handle.manufacture lines on ferrule not cracks. 3/8 very nice usable or collectable condition blade stamped and 'shadow' of...
  5. OLD

    Lidl Sander

    125mm will give 60+ mm of grinding area only to safely use .From the ad. angling the table and vertically use is shown .so cheaper Worksharp for chisels if the disc back plate runs true, and of course it will make a great pencil sharpener.
  6. OLD

    SWA 2 core 120 sq mm cost for 800 m ?

    http://www.rapidtables.com/calc/wire/vo ... ulator.htm Thanks for the extra info, from the above a 64sq mm/ 9mm dia conductor gives 7.2v drop at 30a and 11.8v at 50a there for if a new cable 32sq mm/ 6mm dia was run and connected in parallel with the existing these figures could be obtained i...
  7. OLD

    SWA 2 core 120 sq mm cost for 800 m ?

    Sorry I do not understand your answer.
  8. OLD

    SWA 2 core 120 sq mm cost for 800 m ?

    May be i have not understood your problem i read it as a 800 meter supply for domestic use and assumed you sized the cable to provide no volt drop .Also does it require three conductors or is the neutral earthed therefor only two and local earths if regulations allow.
  9. OLD

    SWA 2 core 120 sq mm cost for 800 m ?

    I think you should re visit your design and lay a smaller cable with a step up transformer if required, there are electrical engineers that can design a system for you and there fees would be offset by the savings.
  10. OLD

    Problems with my table saw tripping out

    motors present a very low resistance at the point of start up and as they get turning produce back emf which reduces there current requirement if the motor struggles to turn the high current blows its protection, fuse or miniature circuit breaker which has to be correctly rated probably 13 amp...
  11. OLD

    My wife takes pictures + Alisons answers

    Alisons answers :- 'Thank you all for looking at my Flickr images and your kind comments. We are lucky to be able to spend so much time in such a beautiful area. It was especially interesting to hear the historical information from BM 101 as I love Parys and district. I now use a Canon 5D MK...
  12. OLD

    My wife takes pictures + Alisons answers

    I think they are good, her latest are mostly in wales what do you think. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
  13. OLD

    Recommendations for an ADSL router that logs line errors

    Best of luck getting an infrequent and intermittent fault fixed. Something that might indicate a poor contact is if you ring your own number from say a mobile do not answer for a short period clear down and if the the adsl has improved. the higher ringing voltage will have made a temporary...
  14. OLD


    The advantage of running both at once is the volume of air available and there ability to maintain a good pressure at times of high demand. For jubilee clips to work well the pipe should be a good fit on the spigot and if its long it may be possible to use two.