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    Making a brass infill plane (Hattori Hanzo, DP)

    Interesting! Thanks.
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    Making a brass infill plane (Hattori Hanzo, DP)

    All spectacular and very inspiring, can I ask (I can’t see that you have said), how you worked out / obtained the dimensions for your planes ? An insight into your planning, set out and drafting skills would be very enlightening.
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    newly varnished windows sticking

    A dusting of french chalk perhaps?
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    How to make a stair rod bracket?

    It might be worth talking to Hunter and Hyland, Leatherhead. They used to stock them.
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    Kitty Best Combi 2000

    Not used one of these,but, would expect interlocks to stop more than one motor running at a time. Most likely nothing wrong, just need to know the change over / safety interlock procedure.
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    Bench Drill alternative

    Try Warco ? https://www.warco.co.uk/drilling-machines-bench-pillar-drills/302909-2b5-bench-mounting-drill-drilling-machine.html They used to check things before they went out......now, I have no idea. You are a bit too far away to attend one of their open days ( when they start them again)...
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    replacement Makita batterys

    Just something to watch for anyone picking up on this thread. Older drills were Nicad cells, these are I think now outlawed in the UK , perhaps wider. Replacements purchased are likely to be NiMH and these have a rather different recharge characteristic so may ‘survive’ the old chargers, or not...
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    Kitchen fitting

    No drawing, but full patent description here: https://patents.justia.com/assignee/sur ... orporation
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    Kitchen fitting

    Not cheap, but when the cupboard is full and you have a water leak........ https://www.screwfix.com/p/surestop-rem ... 15mm/48604 No power required.
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    HVLP spraying

    With some experience of both HVLP and conventional spray gear, I would say.....be very careful if there is other high value gear in the same ‘shed’. No matter how good you are, no matter how careful, there is always some ‘drop out’ either in the form of overspray which is still ‘tacky’ or a dry...
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    Prepping old walls for paint

    Best emulsion EVER Caparol Amphibolin. As mentioned above, water based gloss is tricky to get nice finish, try Caparol Haftprimer Adhesion, High Opacity Primer/Undercoat and gloss, applied with 5mm pile rollers by ‘two fussy blokes’. The difference is unbelievable, I hate painting but have to...
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    Band saw - won't power on at all... things to check?

    Most certainly single phase 240v. First job, check / substitute the starter capacitor. If you have a multimeter check the windings. Worth ( if you feel safe doing so) bypassing the switch. Whilst you are checking it out, it might be worth removing the blade! 12.5 mf 400v motor start capacitors...
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    Outfeed Roller Replacement or Repair? Elektra Beckum HC333

    I wonder if it would be worth talking to a company who coat rollers for the printing / copier industry. These guys used to be local to me but moved a few years ago.......worth a phone call, perhaps? https://www.fluoroprecision.co.uk/
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    Wood Planing Problem

    Things to consider....I won’t be sharp even straight from the box, it will need work. Close that throat right up for fine clearance and consider the grain direction. Take very fine shavings. As others have said, not really the right plane for the job, but it can do a much better job than that...
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    Can you buy a soft start for a table saw

    I agree, sorry, I should have looked up the saw before suggesting the vfd. :(