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    Potje Firebasket? Drilling cast iron?

    Just to correct a previous post. NO lubrication when drilling cast iron.
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    Pillar drill

    Lnilly - I have exactly the same drill and have had for 20 years. It does everthing I ask of it, the only frustration is the relatively small travel of 50mm. Whilst it is possible to stall it, you have to try quite hard. Things to check before spending bigger £. Slacken off the motor tension...
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    Small compressor?

    Look at the small compressors sold for inflating footballs etc
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    3 in 1 oil

    My solution was to track down an old can and refill it (blunt hypodermic - slow but only done every few years!).
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    Not familiar with this particular system but I suspect that the filter is on the input side of the blower, well away from any sewage nasties! These systems are best serviced by suitable contractors. The solids have to be kept at the correct levels …not all removed, insufficient solids for the...
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    Dependent on chair construction: webbing stretcher various double ended needles curved needles tack ripper magnetic tack hammer glue gun large scissors tailors chalk & sharpener Upholstery regulator upholstery pins (about 3” long) metre stick - wooden or metal Have a talk to : Catalogue - Hwebber
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    Anybody able to cast aluminium?

    There seems to be an ‘O’ ring in there. Function not clear!
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    Non-ferrous metal turning

    Do a bit of research on the old myford ml8s they were often used for a bit of metal work although wood lathes. The myford cross slide had an adaptor to fit. Might spark ideas. Main issue was speeds are very different …but not a deal breaker. Just go for it !
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    My sanded brass inlays have turned white/silver

    Can you do a picture if the problem piece?
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    Whats with these "similar threads"

    The reason I dislike it so much is that it is leading people to comment and thus “revive” old long dead threads.
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    Whats with these "similar threads"

    It is VERY annoying!
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    Changing shower pull switch

    Sorry. Get an electrician. It’s a shower, high risk. Simple job but you want the documentation of a circuit values test. If you get it wrong and your tenant gets harmed, could you explain it to the coroner ? I’m not normally one to give in this easily but you risk your insurance cover and much...
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    The cost of a microwave on standby

    Real life example of standby power at a constant of 200 w . cottage in Cumbria. Economy 7 tariff. Two year , recent fixed term. Day unit cost £0.3283 per kwh Night £0.2225 kwh ignore the standing costs - they extract those any way. 7 night hours = 1.4kw (7x200w) at £0.2225 = £0. 31 17 day hours=...
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    Precision ground flat stones - UK supplier?

    How precise? I have a granite kitchen ‘board’ from Lakeland, that is very useful and I can detect no error with a good quality straight edge, no light under the straight edge and no space for a feeler gauge. Depends on your purpose / need.
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    Mortar on creasing tiles won't stick

    Would lime mortar be more flexible and not crack away?