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    Record Power excellent service

    Agreed always had good advice and speedy service
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    British Alcosa Hand Cranked Blower and Ancient Forge

    Thanks Dee J Yes I plucked a number out of the air having seen another blower only (on ebay) that looks as if someone has wiped oil all over it has a missing handle and then they say its not been tested at £165. However if someone has a use for my one as a project with a worthwhile tool at the...
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    British Alcosa Hand Cranked Blower and Ancient Forge

    I don't need but have one of these (had it for years) the forge/legs etc are rusty and realistically need replacing, however the British Alcosa hand cranked blower seems pretty good. Perhaps the value is in the blower? Could someone advise please
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    Doh! First aid kit....

    Also beware of what looks like a minor but LARGE splinter. Some years ago I was on a wood turning course and somehow I must have caught the workpiece and a bit about the size of one half a clothes peg in length came off, one end was sharp and stuck itself through the top (near my knuckle) of my...
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    Woodworm.............. and how to remove chisel handles

    Thank you all for your thoughts and suggestions, don't forget they were given to me tools so I have no idea whether they had been stored in a Worm infested box or whatever. So far have removed one handle - the round one (it was Ashley Isles not Sorby) and wow that was on tight it ended up with...
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    Metal Detector

    How has my answer to JB got caught in the quote box ?? sorry
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    Metal Detector

    I don't know where you would get a RE magnet but if you want a strong magnet then just take an old computer hard drive to bits 2 good magnets in each one
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    Adapt and Survive. In woodwork as well.

    Have you considered the Mens Shed scheme. It looks as if there is one on IOM follow this link they are based in the grounds of Ramsey Cottage Hospital (wherever that is) I do recommend you follow this up Men In Sheds — Isle of Man Live at Home Address is The Mike Hailwood Centre...
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    Woodworm.............. and how to remove chisel handles

    Just been into garage to check - the Sorby is round shaft, the unknown is rectangular, so I guess the round one drill a round hole marginally smaller and araldite the shaft into the handle. The rectangular ?
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    Woodworm.............. and how to remove chisel handles

    About the freezer idea I heard of something along those lines but understood that the cold will live worms but the eggs will survive and hatch at the appropriate time of year. So to get rid of handles must be 100% sorted. Argus 1. So the metal rod to hit between the tang and the brass ferrule...
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    Woodworm.............. and how to remove chisel handles

    I have been given a gaggle of turning tools and yes good thanks - but 3 have woodworm exit holes, 1 almost crumbled so blade removed and handle gone. The other two, 1 by Sorby and 1 anonymous both have a few holes but who knows whats going on inside. Cant risk keeping them Getting to the point...
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    Myford ml8 stops after starting up???

    Does the Mens shed insurance allow fiddling/adjusting or otherwise of electrical equipment by an unqualified person? Are any of the members electricians or know one that would do a goodwill check? I must state I have no electrical qualifications the following is simply what I would do as a home...
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    For Sale Trend Router lathe

    Just an observation from Sussex, I have sent items sold via ebay to Northern Island - signed for no problems - its part of the UK.
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    BOSCH PEX 220 A Random Orbit Sander

    Hi Just seen the post I am interested in a small diy sander and this seemed the answer --BUT as soon as saw the dust collector I have given up that part is not suitable for purpose. I have a similar collector box on another bosch product it gets full in seconds, is hard to open to empty and...
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    Starlet boat.

    Hope this helps I googled Starlet Boat Plans and quickly came up with Sarikhobbies Belairkits modelshipworld and others so not free but do the same google search and see what comes up good luck