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    New video. Hegner Multicut review.

    Thanks Scrimper. I've got the same saw as you that you featured in your video. I love it and I'm going to make a table top similar to yours.
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    Glue used?

    As mentioned above, spray adhesive stuck to the wood or onto tape works just fine. I use a heat gun to warm the patterns once done cutting and they come right off. Then a quick wash of mineral spirits takes off any adhesive residue left behind.
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    Hegner Quick Release Clamp

    Very well done. Something that Hegner should have incorporated many years ago.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Very nice. I tried to find sapele near where I live but never did. I had to substitute mahogany for it. I wish now that I had searched further. That is really nice wood.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Thank you for your kind reply. To answer your questions, each piece is cut separately. The curved pieces are done by what is called compound cutting. A pattern in secured on two sides of a block of wood and cut from two directions and the piece comes out of the middel once done. Each one took...
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    Hegner foot switch

    Why not contact Wolfgang at Hegner. He'd be the person to talk to.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    I no longer have a shop large enough to do big stuff so I took up the hobby of scroll sawing. I made a votive candle holder for my wife and she liked it so much she asked be to make four more for gifts to friends and family. I'll post a picture of a finished one and a pic of all the pieces it...
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    Relocation to Lake Tahoe CA

    To answer your question, it makes no sense to us either but with the current administration, nothing makes sense. It's far easier to just pay their way than to allow them to work and possible put a citizen out of a job. The playing field definitely needs leveling. And unions are not the answer.
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    Variable speed controller on a Hegner multicut 2S

    The link worked for me and I added a comment but I never was able to find the actual information sheet. Is it still available?
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    Variable speed controller on a Hegner multicut 2S

    Just for the sake of conversation, I have 2 Excaliburs and a Hegner similar to yours. I love all 3 and have no intentions of parting with any of them. They all have their attributes. I could probably do without the 16 inch EX but I got a heck of a deal on it so it just is here. Once you get your...
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    Fitting a soft start module to Dewalt DW745 table saw

    Pardon me for asking this but since I have a DW745 here in the U.S. where we are on 120v A.C. I'm not sure if I have a problem or not. I've not noticed any "hard" start issue with my saw but maybe I'm just not bothered by it. Have any of you folks any knowledge about my saw or my situation...
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    Joke Thread II

    When I was 8 years old, my parents asked me if I wanted to learn a musical instrument. I told them yes, a guitar. So they bought me an accordian. I've hated them ever since and I'm now 79. That's a strong dislike for sure.
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    Joke Thread II

    He better go back to the mop bucket.
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    Relocation to Lake Tahoe CA

    I haven't kept an exact count but just offhand, I'd say 10-12.