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    A mystery engineering tool ?

    first year university is when I made mine.
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    Back problems? "Stand-Sit" workshop stool

    As someone who hasn't had back problems catch up to him yet from earlier life (slipped a disc at 14, expect it to haunt me soon), I'm reading this with interest. I remember a similar stool when working in Denmark where sit/stand desks are the law, but the ones the posh office had were fitted...
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    Wanted Stanley 90 Bullnose plane

    if it's just to dip one's toe in, why not look at the 75? can be had for a lot less and just as much use as the 90 (which isn't a lot to be honest. :) )
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    Scroll saw footplate

    you'll be able to turn that table insert round in a few ways depending on the blade and possibly it's been designed to let a sanding bar be fitted too. may also be so you can have a few blades with blade clamps fitted and slot them through the insert. they do nothing of any great use to you, go...
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    Shaping beer can aluminum

    drinks can is way to thin for spinning, not to mention it's already been drawn which will weaken it further for spinning (you can anneal it but it will still be rather thin). You want something more in the realms of 0.5mm thick which will reduce in thickness to around 0.3mm after forming I'd...
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    Suck and blow compressors?

    any compressor will do the former, adding a venturi will do the latter. https://www.veneersupplies.com/products/Project-V4-Auto-Cycling-Venturi-Vacuum-Press-Kit.html
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    Aviation enthusiast??

    Well done old bean.
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    Question about bike brakes

    you will need need a t25 torx bit (most likely, as it's been the norm for 10+ years to use torx on discs) to remove the disc from the wheel. you will need a 5mm allen key to align the disc again if it rubs due to a slight change in offset of the disc (you should get lucky as there is a...
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    Question about bike brakes

    Because thread drift is considered as a past time on this forum.
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    Question about bike brakes

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08CXGZQQN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 because a fixie still has to have a front brake according to the letter of the law in UK. :) oh and Rorschach, nope, not aimed at you. that would be me then. :) I'm the bike mechanic, qualified...
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    Question about bike brakes

    Drawbacks of disc brake? Lack of knowledge on how to install them- check Buying cheapest of the cheap because they all look the same- check Back fitting them to a lever not designed for discs (cable only) -check. Lumping all disc brakes in to one pile -check Did i miss anything?
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    Nice but I’m not paying that,

    Im cheap. So i have one of these. 😁...
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    Question about bike brakes

    Something like a set of weinmann 947 would be improvement.
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    The realities of tool ownership...

    The British population is approximately 60m. It os a fair spilt of around 30m male and 30m female. The average length for sex is 3 minutes. So a cock is used on average....... Basically we dont need cock, you'd be better to hire one.
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    I am tempted

    Its written in my friends last wishes that 2 men in black suits, sunglasses and a bulge on the left breast attend his funeral and stand at the back.