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    Lots of hot air

    And methane.
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    Lots of hot air

    Maybe less focus is required on what is a series of temporary prime ministers and more on the radical overhaul of our political and administration structures and cultures. Since the Industrial Revolution our government and administration (civil service) have not exactly been STEM majors and any...
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    Screwfix customer service

    Or planes
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    EVs again - the sensible approach

    It’s probably a whole lot cleaner if you are talking about the amount of suspended solids/water in the fuel as they have extensive fuel management systems, including centrifuges, pre filters and coalescers. It is essentially aviation fuel standards of cleanliness - because their generation plant...
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    Cladding Back Of Van With Hardwood?

    Well you have to consider aesthetics, serviceability, weight as well as price which is a real issue at the moment. There are pre-finished lightweight panels used in the motorhome conversion industry would probably balance up your requirements. Search on YT for Greg Virgoe he did a seminal...
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    More price increases

    Thank you for that. The NHS/PHE nutritional advice is in a mess. Dr David Unwin was awarded an NHS Gold medal for his work in this area which produced remarkable results for his patients. The monolith that is the NHS has not really grasped the significance and changed nutritional advice as a...
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    More price increases

    It’s a grey area. If the pancreas is disabled from producing insulin by other disease then it could also be classified as type 1.
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    More price increases

    Leaving aside Type 1 Diabetes, most of the general public just do not understand how the blood sugars are regulated in the bloodstream and the role of insulin. Nor do they understand that over time with high and frequent intake (snacking throughout the day) the body becomes increasing ‘insulin...
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    More price increases

    Thank you for your opinion. 1. I did not equate to ‘wealthy people’. 2. Don’t believe what you read in the papers. 3. In the U.K. at least the sale of processed, ready to eat meals (heated by pings) continues to grow as the ’food‘ industry claws it’s way up the value chain. This is not confined...
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    More price increases

    Quite. The funny thing is as the price of the kitchen goes up to that sort of level it’s actual usage probably goes down. If you look at the average U.K. kitchen in the 1950s (which was largely before processed and convenience foods) and was actually used for cooking on devices that did not go...
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    More price increases

    In other news, in the USA construction lumber has seen recent price adjustment downwards.
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    More price increases

    The USA are blaming their logistics issues and price rises in materials on Brexit too. Go figure.
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    Joke thread

    Do you really believe that?😉
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    Festool itch

    It’s only money - there are no pockets in a shroud. Have your fun, scratch your itch and if push comes to shove sell them on - they hold good resale price.
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    Mains jigsaws.

    It probably effects cutting speed by pulse width modulation (PWM).