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    Virus Attack 2

    If these bozoes were to put as much effort into legal programming as they do into writing Virus Progs, they could make a lot of money.
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    My name backwards is used on this forum. Nodnostik (Don Kitson) Reagards to all
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    To float, or not to float?

    Hi, I use Sikaflex as an adhesive/sealer on my motor home, The variations of heat and weather on all the panels (aluminium) surfaces on insulation and ply) is excessive and movement is inevitable but no leaks at any joints, The wooden floor is also fixed with sikaflex and there are no problems...
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    Visit to York

    For those of us that like caravanning/motor homing. I can recommend Rowntree Park (caravan Club Site) a mere 5-10 minute walk to the minster. and adjacent to the river. I think it is closed at the moment for refurbishment. A phone call would confirm. Booking in advance is essential most of the...
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    Workshop Alarm

    I have an alarm fitted in my shop, it was a diy job with two sensors and door sensors, The secondary sounder is fitted in the shop and the external one is very very loud but can not easily bee seen. hopefully this will not advertise that there is anything desirable inside I have also fitted a...
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    Router Insert - Interested?

    Hi Dibs Please add my name to the list for a steel one please. Regards Don
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    Drying scaffold boards

    Hi Moisture meters are available on Ebay for about £8 - £10 have read several reports on them and they have all been favourable. They may not be acceptable to the finest of cabinet makers but do seem to be very good. Just waiting for mine to be delivered.
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    25mm plywood???

    Just bought a sheet of 25mm ply 8 x 4 this last week. cost me £50-00 inc Vat SWMBO nearly had a heart attack on the spot. Wish now that I had thought of laminating two sheets.
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    An unknown tool

    Here Here, Best wishes for 2012 Don G3TRK
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    Keeping Warm in the work shop

    Thanks for all the suggestions and help, as always the forum comes up with the goods. I think I will have a go at the sawdust burner , it looks simple and from comments they look to be quite efficient . Hughie, you mentioned a good design for a sawdust burner, can we have more details please...
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    Keeping Warm in the work shop

    The cold weather is upon us, I am really feeling the cold this year. In the past I have used electric heating to try and keep a modicum of warmth in the shop. This option is now getting very expensive and I am wondering what systems others use to heat the shop. I had looked at fitting a stove...
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    Thread form on Viceroy Wood lathe.

    Re chuck, as you so rightly said no super precision chucks available in the UK, I have finally got my self a chuck, bought it at the Harrogate show, complete with the exert for 1.5" x 8TPI . I am told that other chuck jaws will fit the Patriot. I am not sure but think the Nova Jaws are the same...
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    How was Harrogate then??

    It is a good show but was very busy, I can only get round on a wheel chair so it was difficult to see so0me of the stalls. I enjoyed the show generally but was disappointed I could not get near the demo workshops. As usual I came away having spent too much but got almost all on my shopping list...
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    Thread form on Viceroy Wood lathe.

    Thanks for your assistance, I thought it would be a whitworth form, I am going to the show this week at Harrogate so I will telephone Axminster and ask them to bring it to the show for me. What would we do without this forum!!!!. Regards to all Don
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    Thread form on Viceroy Wood lathe.

    Hi to all, I am considering purchasing an "Axminster Super Precision" wood chuck from Axminster I know that the Viceroy takes a 1.5" x 8TPI threaded chuck, and that Axminster advertise a wood chuck available with a 1.5" x 8 TPI thread. My concern is that they may not be the same thread form...