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    Unknown Vice maker

    Hi John, You could try asking on the Mig Welding Forum. There is a very long thread "Show us your bench vices," and there are some very knowledgeable fanatics over there. That is where I got the second link from. There are also one or two on this forum who are pretty knowledgeable as well. Nigel.
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    Unknown Vice maker

    Here is a better image of the catalogue. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9iwuyy1vzrwvszs/AAApmsWFvTmKRWUj53V7eiwla?dl=0&preview=1940-Parkinson-C The patent number is 689821. Nigel.
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    Unknown Vice maker

    It looks like a Parkinson Handy. The patent number is often the only marking to be found on these vices. I had one that was marked 3 on one side and the patent number on the other. It's something like 689021. Here is a link to a Parkinsons Vices catalogue. The design may have changed a little...
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    Strike Block Plane

    More fettling today removing some of the bulk from the mouth end of the abutments as end grain shavings tended to block a little. For some reason it doesn't plain end grain particularly well, but with the grain it planes well and leaves a good smooth surface, which is not what I expected. So I...
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    Strike Block Plane

    So back to marking out the wedge. I offered a piece of picture mounting card up to the abutments and wedged it in place so that I could mark out the abutment line, then cut out the card and marked around it on the wedge. I then cut out the wedge which I'd already planed down roughly to size...
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    Strike Block Plane

    I'm afraid I built this with the available wood which would take nothing wider than 2 1/4". I even had to take a 1/16" off the side of the iron and cap iron. Nigel.
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    Old tiny crosscut saw

    I see that now you point it out. Nigel.
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    Strike Block Plane

    I decided to build myself a Strike Block Plane for use on my shooting board. I had some Cherry that I'd bought at The Oak Fair three years ago which was just wide enough for use with a Sorby 2 1/4" double iron. The bed angle is 38 degrees which is low enough for a wooden plane. After planing...
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    Old tiny crosscut saw

    Looking at the emblem and the flush saw nuts, it is around the same vintage as my cut off saw. Nigel.
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    Old tiny crosscut saw

    I have some S&J saws. The handle size does differ from one to the other. One that I bought off eBay for a fiver had a cracked bade that was a full 22" long. I cut it off to make a short cross cut saw, the handle is smaller than my other S&J saws that I've re handled due to the handles being too...
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    Mid range/budget chisels

    Don't dismiss makers like Mathieson, Ward, and Stormont. I don't possess a named set, more a hotch potch of different makes. including the ones mentioned above, but they're all good. I also have some Stanley 5001s and they're fine. Any poor buys get ground straight across the cutting edge to...
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    which way for the blade?

    I have my coping saw blade set to cut on the push stroke, and the fret saw on the pull. I have to agree about the frame flexing though. May be it's better to have the coping saw set to cut on the pull stroke. I seem to remember Paul Sellers saying that the coping saw should cut on the push...
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    Herring LONDON

    I have a "J Herring and Sons" new/old blade bought from GM Tools in a small wooden smoother, and I would agree with Bedrock22 about the blade. Nigel.
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    Best way to ease edges?

    I do mine with either my old chamfer plane or my no4. Never tried the spokeshave. Nigel.
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    Beginner question about cutting work the same

    When using a hand saw hold the saw with the index finger pointing towards the blade not wrapped around the handle and the three remaining fingers wrapped around the handle. There is no need to grip the handle tightly. Do not force the saw, let the weight do the work. I found the best way to...