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    Did you see the report that boilers sales are to stop 2025

    A colleague of my wife lived in New Zealand for a number of years. The property they lived in had heating provided via a ground heat pump. In her opinion, it just about took the chill off the house. IIAC, if a developer builds less than four hundred houses, they are not under any obligation to...
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    Lets talk about Jeans

    I haven't bought a suit for twenty odd years. I very much doubt that I could get into it these days. I'm in competition with James May. Cheap jeans, haven't a clue what they are. Some my wife bought in Tesco I think. I'm still wearing a Guernsey sweater that my wife knitted forty years ago. Not...
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    Icelandic Volcano

    We were going to Tuscany in 2010 when Eyjafjallaokull erupted. It was hit and miss for a while as to whether we would be going. Fortunately, we were ok. Nigel.
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    Which "Stanley" knife? Recommendations please.

    No. I sharpen the blades on my Stanley knives and my Swann Morton Supatool, even scalpel blades. Why waste good steel. Nigel.
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    Block plane

    I have an old Record tap adjust block plane. With a bit of practice you can achieve fine adjustment, but you don't want to be taking heavy cut with it. If you have some wooden planes, use them for a while, you'll soon become proficient at tap adjusting. I have recently made a wooden mitre...
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    Window frame mould removal advice

    We had a problem with damp in our lounge and one bedroom. It was definitely a ventilation problem, but made worse by the previously installed urea formaldehyde cavity wall insulation, 1970s house, and much of the SW is not suitable for this type of insulation. We had the cavity wall insulation...
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    Joke thread

    Wasn't that Jethro and Denzel ? Nigel.
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    Vegetarians move along, nothing to see here.

    Now I feel hungry, and I've not long had fish and chips. That meat looked mouth watering, forget the egg though. Nigel.
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    My chiselling accident...

    I snipped a bit off the tip of my ring finger years ago pruning the Fuchsias. I now have a slight lump that is slightly numb. Early on in my wood mangling journey, I was using a wooden jointer. Stupidly I had my fingers wrapped around the end of the plane. My shed is only 8 x 6 and my bench is...
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    electric scooters

    Licensing regs. are complicated. A person with a disability can apply for, and obtain a licence to drive a car at the age of sixteen. IIAC, if a person uses extra mirrors, or requires any other driving aid that is not standard in a vehicle, then that aid becomes a requirement on their...
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    How many time does it have to be said. Putting clotted cream on first will lead to a soggy mess if you have a warm scone. To overcome this and keep the Cornish and Devonians happy, we up here in Dorset just stir the two together. :ROFLMAO: Back to the Rhubarb, make Rhubarb Gin. Nigel.
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    Old snooker table frame - what wood is this?

    Most likely mahogany if it's from an old table. The tables in our old snooker club were back in the 1960s, and they were probably forty or fifty years old when the club purchased them. The grain looks very similar to that of an old table top left in my daughters flat by the previous owners. Nigel.
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    Looking into the darkside

    Have a look at some of the pieces produced by the Edward Barnsley Workshop. Superb craftmanship, but £28000 for a rocking chair, but a very nice one at that. Nigel.
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    Wooden Mitre Plane

    I tried it on end grain today but it doesn't perform like my Stanley no 4 or Record 051/2. I was going to take some more photos today but I was tied up with other things, and the memory is getting rather fickle. Nigel.
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    Looking into the darkside

    I've only been playing around with wood for about three years and only use hand tools. One reason for that is that my shed has no electricity, and it's generally quieter, although chopping out mortices with mallet and chisel is definitely not quiet. I prefer making tools, mainly wooden planes...