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    Nuisance phone calls

    Most of the scammers are based in the Delhi area of India, as there've been a few of the groups raided and arrested in the past few months. The Microsoft or Windows scam usually works by them asking you to sit at your computer and start up the Event Viewer utility, which they can then use to...
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    Mitre Saw from Screwfix

    Hmm... must agree that it does actually seem far more likely it's a 110v yellow plug with the machine, fairly common for mitre saws, mine included. In which case there are two options... 1) Sell it and buy a 240v machine, or 2) Go back to Screwfix and buy one of these...
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    Mitre Saw from Screwfix

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fly-Lead-Con ... 2423412005 But check the mitre saw specs to make sure it won't actually need the 16A, seems fairly unlikely though.
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    Nitro-Mors... more like No-Mores!

    Paramose is still excellent for paint stripping, Synstrip is another - they are very much in the same category as Creosote - still available but officially only for use by 'licensed professionals'. :-" A search on Ebay for 'industrial paint stripper' also throws up a few products which would...
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    ebay gremlin.

    How much do you want for your Ebay gremlin? You haven't mentioned a price... :lol:
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    Another Sellers MkII bench build & new workshop! Project #2

    Been a bit busy recently on things other than woodworking, but stopped by and see that you're making really excellent progress! And completely agree that the moment the first apron gets fitted, with wedges, is a real eye-opener as to just how stable the whole setup becomes. The bolt through the...
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    Luthier required in or near the West Midlands

    Good timing, as indeed there is at least one that I know of: member5908.html Simo - he's based in Burntwood, Staffordshire. Might be worth sending a message.
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    Essence of Pine - for sale?

    Custard, while I agree with most of what you say as it's very true about information overload, there is one silver lining, I feel, to the Internet woodworking craze, and that is the far greater exposure the subject receives now compared to twenty years ago. Or in other words, while 2/3 or...
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    Essence of Pine - for sale?

    I thought it was 'Parfum de Paul' which was the product for sale...? :shock: :lol: Watched the video yesterday and it did make me chuckle. Looking through some of the comments on Paul's videos and blog posts though do remind me of this scene from the Life of Brian...
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    Another Sellers MkII bench build & new workshop! Project #2

    You've got a lot done now and definitely got the hardest bit out of the way I'd say - the apron housings for the legs took me far less time and were easier to get right than the mortise and tenon joints. One thing I found with my tenons were that the shoulders weren't quite square or level, and...
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    50 Deg angle in Eclipse Honing Jig?

    This thread (especially the third post's graph) may help: eclipse-projection-board-27deg-t27564.html
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    Workbench Drawers for the Paul Sellers style workbench

    Looking good so far, interesting to see this progress as I've yet to decide on an end or a side drawer.
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    Mail service for powertool batteries

    Similar stupidities exist in the world of fragrances/perfumes. If I want to order a bottle of aftershave, eau de toilette or perfume to be sent to my home I can do so from pretty much anywhere in the world, and it will be happily transported first via aeroplane, train or ship to get to the UK...
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    Ah, I misunderstood, yes, as it has brakes fitted then they have to be working, indeed.
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    Any trailer under 750kg gross weight doesn't have to be braked - BUT, if the towing vehicle is a particularly small or light one then there is a restriction on the maximum unbraked load it can pull, which is half of the towing vehicle's kerbweight (or 750kg, whichever is the lowest figure)...