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    What to do with some free wood

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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Built a log store out of old facia, pallets and an old shed, my brother had an off cut of rubber roofing. All in cost me a box of nails a can of paint and glue for the rubber. Nothing special about the construction other than it all coming in under about £40.
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    What do you collect

    Jars! They just may come in you know!
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    Semi rigid ducting

    Does anyone have any experience using this sort of thing within their dust extraction? https://www.dustspares.co.uk/flexible-ducting/semi-rigid-uninsulated-3m-length.html This sort of thing, would be interested to know if anyone has had any success or failures with it. Regards Nick
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    So a few weeks ago I bought myself a new toy. Tool! I bought myself a new tool. Spent the last week making this stand for the new lathe. One scaffold pole and some scrap steel later and shabang! Must be said, I am not a metal worker! But I'm quietly pleased. Next job to see how it works when...
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    Planer identification and history?

    I'd be fascinated to see if you find anything.
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    Planer identification and history?

    I'm assuming this would have been part of a combination machine originally.
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    Hello Everyone,

    Welcome, it's a lovely place full of wise heads to offer advice. Someone will be along shortly to make a joke about the subject of sharpening. Looking forward to lots of good quality pics.
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    Planer identification and history?

    Would be interested to see pictures if you have any James?
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    Planer identification and history?

    Yeah, I did see that. I couldn't find anything else on the company though.
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    Planer identification and history?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any knowledge of this machine? I've been looking online and there is very limited info. Would be great if someone knows something.
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    New toy. Please help.

    Legend! I might be missing a few parts by the looks of things. I'll have to get to the garage for a fiddle and see what's what. Thanks Rob!
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    New toy. Please help.

    Hi All, So I might have bought a new (old) toy. Coronet No.3 had been sitting mostly dormant since a lovely chap named Richard bought it in 2000 at a probation service auction. Apparently they were bought for a workshop where offenders built (or didn't as Richard informed) various bits and...
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    Coronet no 3 advice

    Hi All, Looking for some advice. I'm looking into buying a lathe but wanted some advice regarding the coronet no 3. Ive not used a lathe since school, but want to get back into it. Is the no 3 a good place to start? Or will I quickly realise its limitations? Primarily looking to turn bowls an...