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  1. Nick Laguna UK

    Charnwood W880 Lathe - are theya good 'step up from beginner' lathe

    Ha oh damn, just realised you Edinburgh - scratch my drunken offer ;) OK - Next I'm Scottish I'm happy to call in to chat if you want as long as I get a cuppa (y)
  2. Nick Laguna UK

    Charnwood W880 Lathe - are theya good 'step up from beginner' lathe

    Hi Droogs, Charnwood are the Laguna sole importers - we all work together in the same premises / warehousing - selling both brands through slightly different retail distribution networks that also have many crossovers. I joined Charnwood to bring Laguna into the UK, as their logistics and...
  3. Nick Laguna UK

    Sawdust briquets

    Just as an anecdote, one of my accounts up in Cumbria produce large amounts of natural wood sawdust/ shavings through their sawmill/joinery shop - that costs a lot to dispose of commercially. They told me they struck a deal with another local factory who produce smoked fish, who then collected...
  4. Nick Laguna UK

    drill press

    Hi Chippy - Optimum is a brand name. Hi Clive - they are made by Stuermer - to the best of my knowledge they have a decent reputation and I know they go up to some fairly serious level machinery in the range. Made in China with Steurmer quality control. Low level drills look similar to many...
  5. Nick Laguna UK

    Bandsaw - Laguna or Record Power

    Hi Westy, sorry for my delayed reply I've been out the country for family reasons. Try West Country Woodworking or Grovewood Machinery - they both had extra 18BX stock as far as I know. Any spares needed, contact the retailer you bought the Fusion from - we have most in stock. Cheers, Nick
  6. Nick Laguna UK

    Is it me or

    Agree - containers to UK are still at around $12k - they are now also using (blaming) Suez blockage for continued high pricing as many ships have re-routed.
  7. Nick Laguna UK

    Bandsaw - Laguna or Record Power

    Hi Westy, Just for info, we had our latest 18BX container delivery last Friday. They are all pre-sold to retailers but I do know that a few retailers ordered extra stock. Cheers, Nick.
  8. Nick Laguna UK

    Bandsaw BAS318

    I agree on almost all far east imports - but we only supply UK blades from Starrett - decent quality and great value. No Far East blades blades included.. Just saying so that no-one reads this and lobs away a wedge of blades that work well after buying a Laguna. Cheers, Nick.
  9. Nick Laguna UK

    Hikoki power tools

    That was a great machine - well over engineered but a superb bit of kit with benefits over the Elu TGS flip/over in droves (y)
  10. Nick Laguna UK

    Hikoki power tools

    Yep - I was suddenly employed by Metabo Yep I started selling Dewalt instead of Elu Anyone see a pattern? haha best not employ me unless you want your brand changed ;) It's a running joke with the people I know - 'brand killer' I'm called haha
  11. Nick Laguna UK

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    Not yet DB - looking into it & sorry all as I get the feeling I'm side-tracking this thread by posting replies not related to Jamied's issue. Cheers, Nick
  12. Nick Laguna UK

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    We considered it - but didn't want to be stuck with 10k's worth of guards that we know most wouldn't use in a home workshop. Any commercial buyers have access to guards mentioned above from others. We are OK as it is & sell out on every delivery without adding extra complications. Cheers
  13. Nick Laguna UK

    End of an era

    Hi Peter, good luck with it all and yes that work/life balance has been put into focus for many in our industry too with all the challenges over the last 12 months. I'm in the same boat where my children have grown up more and you realise how time has passed / priorities change. As always, I...
  14. Nick Laguna UK

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    Hi Dan, Taiwan - made by a factory that also do a lot with Dewalt and other major players. Cheers
  15. Nick Laguna UK

    Sedgwick or axminster?

    Hi Dan, AT254TS is made by Harvey in China.