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  • nick d
    nick d replied to the thread Useless facts.
    To be able to see something on the horizon 140km away you would need to be on about the 600th floor of a building or around 1500m above...
  • nick d
    I have the triton spindle and belt sander now about 3 months old. I never used the angle when spindle sanding but often do when belt...
  • nick d
    nick d replied to the thread Concrete wall in garage.
    As above use sds However I had problems with a concrete barn- some places it would drill fine and in others it would stop - I reckon I...
  • nick d
    nick d replied to the thread "non slip" routing mats.
    Hi I got a 3 x 4metre piece from Lidl for next to nothing They were selling it as a camping groundsheet that was breathable but it works...
  • nick d
    I use Sketchup 2017 free version, and i find it great for designing, however I have no clue how to get cutting lists from it. Do you...