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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Just finished another D whistle - African Blackwood and brass. This sounds a lot better than the Mark 1 - less breathy and much brighter
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    fancy clock

    Mark Frank's ASTRO-SKELETON CLOCK ???? Lots of videos on You tube
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    Faceplate ring

    Don't have one myself, but maybe make a thin ply disc, with a small centre hole and made to the same width as the inside diameter of the ring. Use something pointed to locate this at the centre of the stock, Slip the ring around this and screw in position. Or something along these lines..........
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    You’d think postage would be included

    Not so much a plane to use - as a plane to buy and sell. Which reflects the punchline of the old joke-'These aren't eating potatoes,- these are buying and selling potatoes' It's only worth what someone will actually pay. Until you've hooked your Mug, its all 'Pie in the sky' . Which leads to the...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Hi there, The Leylandii was fun to turn - big ribbon shavings and very wet. At times it felt like turning in a rain -shower. Will only be able to fully appreciate the look, when it's finished. My son rates the wood quite highly. He and his boss planked a large Leylandii, several years ago, and...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Not finished, but part turned wet wood, bowls - freshly turned and full of promise. Have now placed them in a couple of paper sacks to season until around this time next year. The larger ones are Leylandii, the smaller ones Yew. The Leylandii came down in the recent winter storms, the Yew was...
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    View That Greets Me By My Workshop

    I envy you your citrus and olive trees. I've been trying to grow a lemon tree, with little success.for several years. It only has one leaf left on it, so I think it's finally died.☹
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    View That Greets Me By My Workshop

    That's as colouful as a flowering cherry, Barring an inopportune frost, or a drought - the crop should be amazing this year
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    View That Greets Me By My Workshop

    Ah,very interesting.......... I might try this on my Quince tree, in the hedge - over 15 years and still no blossom.
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    View That Greets Me By My Workshop

    The apple tree, by the workshop is covered in blossom this year. The most covered it's ever been. No one would have thought that after storm Arwen, when it blew over and had to be propped up and re-staked, that it would have recovered so well. It reminds me of one of those frothy blossom laden...
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    Leaking timber front door - how to fix?

    You should be able to take the panel out and reseal it without any problem. Your arrow seems to indicate that the leak is coming in at the base of the inner side moulding. In which case, this would indicate that the inner beads have also been applied, rather than worked on the stiles...
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    Getting a fixing into very hard hollow bricks

    Frame- fixings with a squirt of 5 minute PU glue in the hole, before inserting the fixing, and wait a while before screwing fixing home. Also works on lime-plastered, rough-stone walls.
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    Roof support Conservatory

    My goodness that's a large wodge of wood up there. Can't see a reason for it unless it's part of the overall design to accommodate any large soil pipes at he back of a building.
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    What wood

    Sapele? It's the go to timber for joinery in our part of the country
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    4.4mt x 6.8mt Workshop In a Grade 2 listed Property

    Looks pretty good to me. Reminds me of a granary at a farm in Eynsford, where I once worked . It was lifted up on saddle-stones, all.very 'Country Living'. It was available for rent as a workshop, but was too small for me at that time. Fast forward to now and it would suit me just fine. I note...