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    Kinetic Sculpture

    Fun, but what about some proper kinetic sculpture: Theo Jansen or check out Reuben Margolin Cheers, Neil
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    Edge trimming

    Gotcha. Many thanks, Simon - I'll be nicking this idea if you don't mind :) Cheers, Neil
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    Edge trimming

    Very elegant, Simon! Please would you post a larger version of your second-to-last photo? Is the router held at exactly 90 degrees to the work, or a slight angle? (IIRC, the Festool trimmer is offset by 2 degrees or something) Thanks for the great post, Neil
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    The new shop!

    Looks fantastic, Gidon - good luck with it! Cheers, Neil
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    Anyone got a camcorder that uses Digital8 tapes?

    If it had been two weeks ago you could have borrowed mine whilst we were visiting relatives in Liverpool - if you don't get sorted by Easter then we might be over then as well. Cheers, Neil
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    My heating just came on.

    Bunch of softies, the lot of you! Sat in my home office where the thermometer is reading 14.8. Just went and put the heating on 10 mins ago. The joys of 300-yr-old houses! Cheers, Neil
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    Woodpecker or Jessum

    It appears that Axminster have just begun to offer their own lift too - might be worth a look. It only seems to be offered as part of a package with a choice of routers at the moment, but I'm sure they'll have it as a separate entity before long. Cheers, Neil
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    Router table insert

    I think I'll bow out as mild steel seems to be the consensus and I would guess that the postage to Southern Ireland will be pretty astronomic. Also I have a lot of problems battling rust in the workshop already! Thanks for all your hard work, Dibs, looks like you'll have plenty of takers...
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    Router table insert

    Gold would go well with the Incra :wink: Cheers, Neil
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    Windows 7

    I wouldn't say there were any at the moment, Tom! :lol: But as long as you are happy that your 32-bit apps will run OK then it might be worth going down that road just for future-proofing (if there is no price differential). It just depends what you are into - certainly for numerical analysis...
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    Windows 7

    How much do you have? Its probably a good decision to opt for 64-bit anyway as the 32-bit emulation is very good, but I haven't seen much in 64-bit builds apart from big finite element packages etc. I'd be interested to hear what you are going to run on it. I have 64-bit Vista on my biggest...
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    Router table insert

    I agree, Tom - the Tilgear plate comes with a blank ring IIRC. So I measured the starting pin holes on the Trend plate. They are approx. 69mm out from the centre and are 1/4" diameter. A pic: The corners of the plate have a 1/4" radius in case thats of interest. Cheers, Neil
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    Router table insert

    Will do tonight :) Cheers, Neil
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    Router table insert

    I can't measure my Trend one until later, but this pic gives some idea. According to tooled-up the largest hole size is 98mm, so I guess the lead-on pins are about 70mm from the centre. Cheers, Neil
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    Router table insert

    Actually, could I make mine a qualified yes, only if you go down the 12"x9" route. As the A4 is smaller, I would have to remake my table top. Cheers, Neil