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    ndbrown replied to the thread Sedgwick P/T.
    This is the slightly longer table version of the one I covered the rebuild of in another thread. I also covered building an extraction...
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    ndbrown replied to the thread Another two chessboards..
    Very nice boards, I got into making chess boards completely by accident last year. On my third commission right now in Sycamore and...
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    ndbrown replied to the thread 9" table saw blade.
    I have bought from Doug at cutting solutions the correct sized blades for my Startrite TA145. Both blades are German manufacture and of...
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    I Bought my Nova Viking from Machinery4Wood based in St Austell and also a Jet drum sander from them last year. They might be able to...
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    I am in the same boat regarding the Jet, I have never owned or used it so it would be unfair to comment on the Jet. I can compare the...
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    I would look out for a secondhand Meddings or similar. Its hard to justify this sort of spend on a drill, Having said that a new...