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  1. mynamehere

    Bosch GCM 12 GDL - Replace laser with saw shadow line

    I bet you could sell a few of them! cheers, Ferenc
  2. mynamehere

    Scaffold pole table legs? Any experience

    This stuff is a bit bigger as in normal scaffolding tube sizes, not expensive either! https://www.scaffoldingsupplies.co.uk/products/all-tubeclamps.html Cheers! Ferenc
  3. mynamehere

    Importance of safety

    So basically this could happen to anybody anytime with any router bit, "luckily" I have to wear glasses anyway and normally swap them for prescription safety ones when I go in t'shop. Cheers! Ferenc
  4. mynamehere

    Importance of safety

    Very lucky escape, I always wear my safety glasses when using fast spinny sharp bits, like Andy I've had one splinter picked out of my eye, another one had to be drilled out! Is it not a quality issue for a router bit to break like that? I've hit metal before with some of mine it would chew up...
  5. mynamehere

    Duck tape or duct tape?

    we use Denso tape for preservation on blank machine parts and valves, the messiest stickiest stuff known to man. After handling just a bit of it the gloves go straight in the bin!
  6. mynamehere

    For Sale Workshop Clear-out Part 2

    I would like the winding sticks and the saw please! Cheers! Ferenc
  7. mynamehere

    Oak reclaimed railway sleepers

    I've cut a few just for garden borders and the smell when cutting was terrible, if I remember right my throat was hurting for a day or so, god knows what kind of carp they were treated with. The Bandsaw will probably cope okay but wear some breathing protection. Cheers! Ferenc
  8. mynamehere

    Table saw questions

    There is still one for sale from Petey83, comes with the wheel kit and some other bits for £925,-... Cheers! Ferenc
  9. mynamehere

    The Chop, Sky History (Sky 123)Thuesday 15th 9:00

    Schau es mal an, gibt ein paar ganz schöne Sachen...
  10. mynamehere

    The Chop, Sky History (Sky 123)Thuesday 15th 9:00

    There's a whole series of documentaries on youtube from german tv, it's called "SWR Handwerkskunst" where allsorts gets built from violins to huge yard gates, tables, boats etc., no drama or annoying commentary and background music and put together really really well to show the craftsman and...
  11. mynamehere

    Any decent table saw books??

    Maybe check Amazon for choice and reviews, something like https://www.amazon.co.uk/Table-Saw-Book-Kelly-Mehler/dp/1561584266 if you scroll down on the link there are other suggestions as well. Cheers! Ferenc
  12. mynamehere

    Newbiest of newbie questions: what's an MFT for?

    96mm would be a multiple of 32mm, a size used for kitchen cabinets and all the spacings that come with it if I'm not wrong, Google 32MM system if you want to know more. Cheers! Ferenc
  13. mynamehere

    Plane and Chisel Sharpening Tools

    Oh heck, this is gonna open a can of worms, I don't think that 90° is an angle to aim for on any cutting tool, 25-30 is kind of the angle to aim for, I'm sure other people will come in with some more tips... Cheers! Ferenc
  14. mynamehere

    Bosch PBD 40 drill on offer

    Somewhere in the answered questions a measurement of 125MM or 5" is mentioned. Cheers! Ferenc
  15. mynamehere

    Bosch PBD 40 drill on offer

    If anyone has an interest in the Bosch PDB 40 drill and has (or knows somebody with) an Amazon Prime account, they're on offer for £188,- today. Cheers! Ferenc