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    Bosch PDB 40 on Amazon Prime -54%

    The title says it all! Cracking little drill press. Cheers! Ferenc
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    Clamp storage solution for TINY workshop

    Is there no way you can clamp them horizontally to the roof of the shed, on a 50X50 lenght of wood?
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    Best kit in my workshop

    I got the roller conversion kit (can't remember where from) as I was always found it difficult to tighten the worn original guides. To be honest in use I couldn't see all that much difference in "performance" other than an easier set-up, I don't think I'd buy them again. There's a thread on...
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    Router lift idea - may be of interest to someone?

    Yep, also worked when I had my Makita 1/2" supported by one of those, it flexes a bit but does the job. Cheers! Ferenc
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    Please can someone help me purchase a scroll saw please?

    there's plenty on the evil bay for sale at the moment, depends how far you want to travel to get one as they're mostly pick-up only....
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    Manual Needed: DeWalt DW100 Bandsaw Type 1

    This thread is from more than ten years ago...
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    Dewalt rip fence out of alignment?

    A tip in England is a waste disposal/recycling center. Cheers! Ferenc
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    Bosch PBD40 Pillar Drill

    I bought one when it was on offer on Amazon for about £180last year I think. I like the ease of the speed control and the fact that it's easy to move around, I haven't drilled anything yet that it couldn't cope with, my Meddings Drilltru hasn't been used since... Some of the bad reviews centre...
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    Cleaning up pencil mark's on wood.

    What they said…^^
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    Help with SIP 01358 Dovetail Jig Cutter

    Check the manual in the link, you do need a guide bush for your router and not a bearing guided cutter. 01358 dovetail jig ( Cheers! Ferenc
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    For Sale Triton RTA 001 ROUTER

    PM sent
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    Glazed units

    Unless you know exactly what you want it might be easier to check some local suppliers who can give some advice as well, there's plenty around. I don't know how much you need but delivery could be pricey as well. Cheers! Ferenc
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    Cordless lawnmower....

    Same here, I bought the makita twin 18V just because I got the batteries. If both 5Ah batteries are fully charged it will cut the grass (about 75 square meters) 3-4 times. Cheers! Ferenc
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    Need some help with table saw choices.

    well, you shouldn't have a problem selling it for the same money at the moment!
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    Need some help with table saw choices.

    Hi Mark, Did something happen with your Dewalt 745? Cheers! Ferenc