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    A mystery engineering tool ?

    lol Scribing perhaps more accurate A few parts missing. Once upon a time it would be an apprentice exercise
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    Myford Planer Restoration

    Don't hold your breath. Check his profile. Not been here for a year.
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    Anyone up to speed with Pre-payment (key type) electricity supply?

    I've already suggested coming off prepay but they have no credit history so might get refused. I still don't understand how this separate fixed payment to the council for off peak heating when the meter does not have any off peak consumption register on it.
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    Anyone up to speed with Pre-payment (key type) electricity supply?

    I have a friend who just been allocated a semi sheltered council flat. it is one equipped with pull cords to summon assistance but not with a Warden on site. The heating is storage radiators and the council charge a flat rate for heating all year round so I assume this is un metered. The meter...
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    Far better to have some sort of elevating caster arrangement for moving the bench and dropping down onto elephants foot adjusters once in the desire location.
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    3 phase machinery.

    Read the listing. £10 gets you no more than a thank you email. The seller is abusing ebay to run an advert in the hope that people will message him and do private deals to avoid ebay fees
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    Parts Diagram for Kity 367

    Try here Machines Outils: Manuels & Docs (Machinery Manuals & Brochures) Navigation is in French but the pictures will be in English!
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    Bandsaw motor replacement.

    That is a bespoke mounting flange. I'd look for a suitable capacitor start and run 1/2hp B14 (face mount) motor then cannibalise the old motor taking the front plate and fix to the new motor. You might have to take off the connector box holding the capacitors and mount it nearby if there is not...
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    Startrite 352s bandsaw phase conversion 3 phase to single help

    No you need 3 phase motor to do speed control properly. The no of motor poles you need depends on the design of the saw.
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    Startrite 352s bandsaw phase conversion 3 phase to single help

    To cut steel you need around 100 feet per second, wood cutting will need in the region of 3000 FPS An inverter will not give you 30:1 range alone without motor overheating problems and possibly too little torque to boot. You will need to be able to drop the speed by say 4 or 5:1 by mechanical...
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    Electrical Inspection C1? Really?

    OK understood. Fix the C2s then ask the spark who failed it for a quote to bring it up to his RCD requirement and ask the other sparkies for a price for an fresh EICR on the understanding that an RCD will not be needed. compare and contrast etc.
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    Electrical Inspection C1? Really?

    I have a vaguely similar installation. Power incomer and meter in a shed in the corner of the field and 300m or so of SWA to the house but all on my land (no public roadway involved). There is a 100mA time delayed RCD upstream of the SWA and normal 30mA fast RCD in the house. "normal" faults...
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    Fence for Record Power BS12 Bandsaw

    Consider fences where the clamping rail does not have to be taken off to change the blade. That way you are more likely to use the correct blade for each job.
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    Axminster Craft vs Trade

    Buy the nearest fit commonly available filter and make an adaptor to fit your machine. It’s not rocket science surely?