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    first turned dish

    Looks good!
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    Startrite Inca Mini Owners

    Looking forward to it. Looks like you have most of the accessories too!
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    (Yet!) another Wadkin 10AGS restoration thread

    Looking good. Two belts are probably OK, just try it and see if it works reliably. There's less power loss with two. Do you have the fence rails and the fence?
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    Tilting table Inca.

    Yes they do turn up on eBay, just have to be patient.
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    Tilting table Inca.

    sorry the Imgur address didn't come through:
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    Tilting table Inca.

    PS it is worth trying to find a saw with as many of the accessories as possible. These are described in the manual (attached). There is also an excellent guide to what you can do with the saw at
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    Tilting table Inca.

    The fence position is so that the work rests on the fence and doesn't risk dropping into the blade. But the tilt only goes one way to this may not suit all pieces. However, your sort of work pieces do not look too heavy and you would find the slotting/jointing capabilities useful if you have the...
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    mystery object...

    It looks like that but why the keyway?
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    Tilting table Inca.

    Yes I have both the bandsaw and the universal saw. Both work with tilting tables, and if you put the fence downhill of the blade it is quite satisfactory. The tilt does work, though I must say the trunnions and clamp are not the best design feature of what are otherwise extremely well designed...
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    Sounds good. You can probably find a bit about pattern design online; you'll only need a basic guide. Decide where your split will be - find out from the foundry if they are casting the leg vertically or horizontally. You'll need a taper of at least 2 degrees to get the pattern out of the sand...
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    Escape from the mrs shed

    I agree that the foundation posts are a problem waiting to happen. I have a nice shed that has had a foundation problem (not the same one) and it is awful to correct later,
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    That's correct. Black anodising is generally successful, but other colours may come out funny on cast aluminium alloy (as opposed to extruded, which generally anodises well). I once thought I'd get a newly-designed instrument gold anodised to show off. It came out a dull khaki! Cast bronze...
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    Another Wadkin AGS10" thread

    The direct drive 415V was about £440 a few years ago. Best to give them an email or call. Drives Direct Inverters LTD | eBay Shops
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    Another Wadkin AGS10" thread

    That looks a mighty beast, and in neat condition. Looking forward to the thread. My 415V 3ph Direct Drive converter does the fast stop in 8 s by software control. I don't know if this would satisfy H&S for a commercial setup (ie if you had any employees) but it is certainly great in a home shop...
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    3ph 3hp- VFD or new motor?

    My Wadkin has the original 3ph 2.2 kW motor and works a treat, even on thick wood. I have a single phase to 415V convertor from Direct Drives - expensive but has worked well and their support is good.