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    Table saw v Track saw A bit of advice please

    I got rid of my Axminster table saw and I missed it so much I had to buy another one, they are great for quick cut smaller jobs, holding smaller work to cut with a track saw is tricky, I then bought a smaller Bosch table saw with sliding carriage, I have it fitted on a cabinet with castors, I...
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    Record Power dust extractor

    15 years, that is very good, I would be happy with that, Record Power did not own CamVac back then, so maybe they are now sourcing the motors from a different place
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    Record Power dust extractor

    Has anyone else had trouble with Record Power dust extractors, I have had a CamVac GV386 since July last year and one motor has packed up last week, Record Power is sending me a new motor, that is fine, but this is the second Record dust extractor that this has happened to, the other was a...
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    Rutland router cutters - Any good ?

    Yes Router Bits UK is where I get Whiteside bits for my CNC, as far as I know, it's the only place to get them in the UK, Rutlands have never stocked them
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    Mitre corners

    Thank you marcros, I will give them a try, I did not know they did then that long, that will save some time
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    Mitre corners

    Thank you, that is some saw, but slightly over my budget
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    Mitre corners

    Thank you all for the replies, I will get in touch with him again and explain that mitre joints, in this case, offer no strength and that the overlap or large finger joints would be best, he will listen to advise, I have done this before about 8 years ago, and fixed the sleepers together with...
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    Mitre corners

    I have been asked by a friend to make some raised beds from new wooden sleepers, he wants four made, four sleepers high, the sleepers are 8 x 4 inches, he wants the corners mitred, what is the best way to cut the mitre's, I have tried once before with a circular saw but it does not cut right...
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    For Sale Record rebate plane

    Sorry, just what you see in the photo, but they can be found here Faithfull Fencing Kit for 778 Rebate Plane
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    For Sale Record rebate plane

    Record rebate plane 778, in used condition £40 + £5 Postage
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    For Sale Robert Sorby heavy duty scraper

    Robert Sorby heavy duty scraper, 1-inch wide x 1/2 inch thick bar, 14-inch, handle 21 inches overall length in excellent condition £30+£5 postage
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    For Sale Henry Taylor Scraper

    Henry Taylor round nose scraper 10 inch handle 17 inch overall 1/4 inch bar in excellent condition £25+£5 postage
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    For Sale Axminster cyclone interceptor

    Yes Adidat it is still here, you can collect it whenever you like just let me know