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    dewalt 1st fix nail gun review

    I had 2 DeWalt nail guns, and both often jammed, I sold the second one while it was still working and got the Ryobi with 5ah batteries, I have been using it quite a bit lately and am happy with it, it has not misfired or jammed once
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    Wanted Magswitch magnets

    I bought the ones from Rutlands Neodymium Magnetic Jig Block | Next Day Delivery and I am more than happy with them, I tried pushing them sideways but could not move them, I will make up a feather board and use 2 of them, which will be removable to use in other jigs
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    Wanted Magswitch magnets

    They seem to be good, but all out of stock at the moment, I have arranged to be notified when they are back in stock, I have watched Steve's video and will use that principle for feather boards, it seems to work well, and 4 magnets for just over a £10
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    Wanted Magswitch magnets

    I just found these, anyone tried them https://www.rutlands.com/sp+new-arrivals-neodymium-magnetic-jig-block-rutlands%C2%AE+r3190
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    Wanted Magswitch magnets

    Thank you all, I have had a look at the Bandsaw featherboard kit, and I would have to pay £35 postage, and maybe import duty, but getting them on Amazon would be free postage, they are very expensive for what they are (magnets) https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01B59KW6Q/ref=sw_img_1?smid=&psc=1
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    Wanted Magswitch magnets

    Magswitch magnets wanted/ feather boards/ other Magwitch accessories
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    Cold workshops and hot houses

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    Help needed building a expandable frame for moulds

    Thank's Brian, yes I found them on Amazon, which seems to be the only UK seller, and you are correct they are expensive
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    Help needed building a expandable frame for moulds

    Does anyone know where to get these magnets in the UK, or feather boards with the same magnets
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    Noob tipsfor Laser Cutter / CNC for woodworking?

    I bought an X-carve years ago when they first came out, it worked fine but fiddling with belts and pulley wheels was a nightmare, so after about a year using it I decided to build my own using linear rails and ballscrews, which I still use and it is so much better, I also use a water-cooled...
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    Workshop bench advice, please

    Just use a belt sander and a long straight edge then finish with a random orbit sander, then a couple of coats of oil, it will look better
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    Aldi Bandsaw ( new model) coming soon. Buy it or choose other model

    I managed to straighten the bent base, I put a piece of 40mm thick oak I had, under the base and bolted the saw to the oak, when I tightened the bolts it pulled the base back to where it should be, so the steel base is very thin and easy to bend
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    Aldi Bandsaw ( new model) coming soon. Buy it or choose other model

    Just got mine, I had to go out yesterday at 9 am for a while, got back at 12 and a card had been put through the door, (sorry we missed you) then about 4 pm I got an email saying my parcel will be delivered between 8 and 10 am? a bit late for that email, anyway it did come today and the box...
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    Memory foam

    Thank you all for your excellent advice, I have asked a lot of suppliers and there are so many different answers it is hard to decide, but I went with Foam Superstore because of the good reviews, (if they can be believed) but that is for another time