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    First Dining Table project : Some advice needed

    Something you should consider is that the boards either side of the glass must be coplanar, ie aligned so the glass does not rock when placed on top. You should make sure that your chosen design makes it easy top achieve this. I would agree with musicman that as long as your boards are fixed...
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    Help with Dovetails

    You flatter me Mike. PM me if you are interested Dan. Chris
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    Help with Dovetails

    Hi Dan I notice you are in Leeds, if you think it may be to do with how sharp your chisels are I could give you a few pointers, I have a workshop in Ilkley if you would like to call in sometime. Although it's a long time since I cut dovetails in pine. Chris
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    Hardwood Sawdust

    Cazreful you don't lose anydigits when "reaching out"!
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    Help with making boxes with lid.

    It may be worth doing a full size workshop drawing on a scrap piece of mdf or such like so you can pick out the measurements. A plan drawing should be enough to sort your problem with the top and bottom but often side elevation can also help with establishing dimensions generally. I have always...
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    Dovetail practise

    I think dovetailing is all about accurate sawing so I would not worry about practicing sawing dovetails. Instead square a knif e line round the end of a piece of scrape say 15-20mm from the end then guage a series of lines round the end to the knife lines and try sawing to the lines aiming for...
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    New cascamite

    To reassure you CHJ I did a test mix of the new lot that Polyvine sent me. I mixed two parts powder with one part water. The powder mixed in well to give something like the consistency one would expect although some of the water would not mix in despite persistant stirring, so I had to pour off...
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    Second hand planes....

    Sorry about that, I came to this thread late and didn't spot it had been mentioned before. Chris
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    New cascamite

    I continued to have problems with Cascamite, so much som that I rejected it during last weeks bench making course and used Titebond instead . I initially contacted Polyvine around the time I originally posted this thread when they said that it was OK it's like that with the new formulation...
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    No more 2 3/8" blades

    Thanks for the link Yetloh but in the context of my courses I think they would be too expensive, almost tgheprice of a secoind hand 5 1/2 on ebay. I tried Toolbank CC but after initially saying theyb had some they found they didn't. It turns out that Stanley have now discontinued the 2 3/8"...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Here is a Mandora I finished last week. I started work on it about thrity years ago but then house renovation and starting anew business and life in general got in the way. The mandfora is a medieval musical instrument. This one is hollowed out of a single block of 3" maple. The scroll at the...
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    Second hand planes....

    Here's a vid on buying second hand planes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qu7QLP3ru7c&t=608s Chris
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    No more 2 3/8" blades

    Fishing, river conservation work and musical making. Should keep me quiet for a couple of years. Chris
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    No more 2 3/8" blades

    Nice idea Chris but I am retiring in March so it's a bit late to get into that sort of thing! Chris
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    No more 2 3/8" blades

    On a couple of my beginners courses we refurbish a plane, some students will bring their own plane to work on, for others I will provide a plane to work on, usually a 5 1/2 which I believe is the best Jack plane. I think I may single handedly drive up the price of 5 1/2 planes on Ebay! Often the...