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    Sash window tooling 'systems'

    FWIW for my own sash windows (in Accoya) I pretty much copied the CAD drawings that one of the big window companies publish on their website for 24mm DGU, and used dominos because I don't have a mortiser and couldn't face hand cutting 60 haunched tenons... I used a router table not a spindle to...
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    Shelving construction help

    Strap bands every time for garage storage. Fastened to the side of the joists/trusses, piece of batten timber across two straps fastened to the short sections and planks between pairs of straps. Super strong and ultra cheap and easy. BTW strap bands are available in two thicknesses - you don't...
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    Moderately priced table saw

    To remove material for a large rebate I often use my hand power planer which will take up to 4mm at a pass, then clean up and finish on the router table. I hate using my table saw, and will use anything I can before using it. Tracks saw, band saw, sliding mitre with depth stop for trenching...
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    Axminster price increasing

    As a smallish UK manufacturer of industrials (TO ~£6M), we've had a cracking good end to the year -order book was great for Nov-Dec. We are definitely seeing some "re-shoring" from our customers. Freight costs for our imports and exports have increased though recently. We're still a bit down...
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    Block Plane for Christmas

    +1 for the quangsheng
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    sliding mitersaw confusion

    There is a reason saws like Bosch are twice the price...
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    Timber Merchants Bury area

    You could give cw berry a call at leyland Builders Merchants | Timber Merchant - C & W Berry . They don't show hardwoods on their website but have a barn full of hardwoods - not sure what their range is but I've bought big planks of Utile, Meranti, from them. Sure I've seen Oak.
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    Extraction Rate Maths (I'm Confused)

    The problem is that there are two aspects of vacuum - the actual vacuum pressure and the flow volume, and you get the maximum of one with the minimum of the other, so for example, the maximum suction a vacuum can deliver is when there is zero flow (think hand over the pipe), and the maximum flow...
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    List of British manufacturers of woodworking machines

    I believe a fair bit of the big stuff ends up in wood products manufacturing - particularly the atex machines.
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    List of British manufacturers of woodworking machines

    Quirepace Ltd. Still manufacturing heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners under the BVC (British Vacuum Cleaners) brand.
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    Router table choice - trend / Rutland / DIY

    I have a trend craftpro with a T11 in it. Very very useable. Bought it to machine a grands worth of sawn Accoya and turn it in to 7 sash windows. With a couple of roller stands and an extra featherboard, it took and takes everything I throw at it. Spend any other money on good cutters - they...
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    This price is OTT

    Good quality hose isn't cheap e.g. 38mm Anti Static Hose 7.5m - Quirepace
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    Router Table Advice

    ...and a socket and extension in a cordless drill is even quicker. :D
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    Router Table Advice

    Just in case some not aware, the Trend T11 is identical to the DW625 except it also has an above-table router lift built in.
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    Choosing a basic router table

    I have the trend, and its absolutely fine. Nice little table. I bought it to machine up special profiles when I made 7 sash windows for a house refurb. and it performed excellently. I have a Trend T11 in mine which means the router lift is set from above the table. What helps of course with long...