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    Ideas for dust extraction on old Wadkin Panel saw

    Thanks for the info - The only problem is with these set ups - they are “ stationary “ if you get what I mean . If you are cutting a lot of the same size timber I suppose it dosent matter - but if like me you are cutting different sizes it becomes a pain to keep on adjusting the set up . To be...
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    Hard wax oil over briwax

    Personally - as you have stated it is going to be for heavy use in a busy kitchen area - I would forget about wax altogether. I would take it to local finishes and get them to put a two-pack lacquer on- failing that - Strip all the wax off yourself, and apply coats of polyurethane varnish.
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    Finish for birch plywood bathroom cabinets

    I have not used Osmo Polyx- So I can not comment on this product. I would suggest using a good matt polyurethane varnish myself. ( First coat thinned down with 10% white spirit) and de nib in between coats. The problem you may have ( as like all oil finishes) they tend to yellow after a while...
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    Gaps in parquet flooring

    I feel I'm an authority on parquet flooring after my nightmare! - Anyway - to your question - I have just had my floor refinished - the gaps in the floor was finished using a resin and the sawdust from the floor when sanded. I previously used PVA and the sawdust in my other room ( which is beech...
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    Ideas for dust extraction on old Wadkin Panel saw

    Sorry for the late reply - No - I have been wondering about putting something above it - Like a floating hood or similar - I have looked at the retail gizmos you can buy - but was hoping someone on here had something and would like to share.
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    Ideas for dust extraction on old Wadkin Panel saw

    Hi Folks- I have an Old Wadkin Panel saw (AGS 10") Its a great machine but no matter what I have tried- I can't get proper dust extraction from it. As you can see from pics- I bored a hole in the bottom of it to accept a 4" - could be 5" hose. I made a box section to cover the motor and large...
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    Best Sharpening System?

    Thank you all for all the advice and help. I am still not sure now which to go for - I may to be honest to go for a bench grinder with a CBN wheel- - I suppose for the woodturning gouges really. As I already have the Veritas Honing system with Ceramic , Diamond and water stones-. I did a long...
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    Best Sharpening System?

    I’ve updated the title of this post hoping I may get more input. At the moment I am swaying towards the Tormek T8 - But would love to hear your opinions . Thanks
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    Best Sharpening System?

    General bench tools really- having said that - if I just need an edge putting back on them iI use my - mixture of Ceramic, Waterstones and diamond stones. Its when I need more than a edge putting on them. As for woodturning as you probably know - you have to regularly sharpen them - as you are...
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    Best Sharpening System?

    Hello all, I need help in choosing the best sharpening system for my tools. Firstly it has to be got grom Axminister ( I have lots of birthday vouchers to spend their) My tools I will be sharpening are - the likes of plane irons , chisels AND woodturning chisels- gouges and skews etc. Having...
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    Identification of wood please

    Thanks ED65 - that website you shared - Hobbit in the House - very informative. I never knew there were so many types and variations!
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    Identification of wood please

    Hey all- thanks for all the info /input So to answer some of the questions- yes it does feel a little oil and if does have a nice aromatic smell - Here are some other pics which may be helpful ( sorry only have iPhone available . ) I want to try and nail it down to what it is - as I am...
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    Identification of wood please

    Apologies if this topic in the in-correct forum - Can anyone identify this species of timber- I got told it was Rosewood - the thing I have noticed- it has tiny white flecks in it .. Thanks .
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    OAK for sale

    Selling this lot of oak - I've had this in dry storage for over 20 years - Pick up only from Liverpool. JBL 1 Rough Sawn £85 SOLD. 1240x80x55 1070x92x52 980x95x65 (x2) 980x80x65 980x75x7 JBL2 Reclaimed £85 1250x350x27 1460X350X27 JBL 3 £50 755x215x50 750 X135x55...
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    Mahogany for sale

    I have lots of Mahogany timber for sale - all different sizes. All of the Mahogany I personally have had for over 25 years and kept in dry storage. The reclaimed Mahogany I got from a building which was at least 50 years old. With so many species of Mahogany, I am not going to guess of what...