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    Lathe for a beginner

    Smart & Brown were a British made lathe and have an excellent reputation for quality, they copied and improved on the South Bend models Check out the link Smart and Brown Machine Tools, Biggleswade, Beds Still get spares and manuals for all their models, a selection on ebay and elsewhere
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    Yew Boards.....

    Are there no local wood turning clubs near you, they would jump at the chance
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    Buying a machine on eBay sight unseen with pallet delivery

    Do I see a 3 core cable feeding into the back of the machine on picture 4 ??? so could be a single phase feed + converter inside but no mention in description
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    Guess the timber

    Take your time with the drying process as is prone to crack and split but still a lovely finish
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    help us by a power station !!

    To clarify, a water melon is green on the outside and red on the inside
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    help us by a power station !!

    We are now paying the price of not fracking a few years ago. The "water melons" will be throwing up their arms at this comment.
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    Bargain of the day!

    If you decide it's not for you, pm me please
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    Coronet wood lathe

    I have a 4 jaw self centering Vicmark chuck 7/8" x 16 spare from a Coronet major which I have sold, pm me for pics/details if you're interested
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    Joke thread

    I've found a plumber who works round the clock
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    Doh! First aid kit....

    My own experience of a workshop accident, caught end of thumb in business end of the mill, bled a bit, went to A&E and had the nail removed next day. MSSA bacteria got into bloodstream which travelled to my metal hip joint and settled in. Rushed to A&E again with blue lights flashing and a...
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    Joke thread

    Just as many behind the camera
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    Joke thread

    How can it be called "football" when it is played using your hands, anyway the ref's whistle wouldn't work underwater.
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    Joke thread

    The land area of Wales (key word "area") quoted above is incorrect when calculating football pitches because no allowance is made for mountains, hills and any undulations, I have not included ponds, lakes, lochs, rivers, etc. as no one plays underwater football. Therefore impossible to be even...
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    Mystery Tool

    Thanks Geoff, it had all my engineering friends stumped, I shall enlighten them
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    Mystery Tool

    Can anyone identify an engineering hand tool I have with no markings at all. It's 8.5" long has a ratchet mechanism and obviously only turns in one direction depending which way up it is held. The conical end with 4 holes unscrews and the other end has a 3/8" square drive