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    Cheap wood (mainly soft woods)

    If he's done that you could try reporting him to the police?
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    Garden room project

    I assume that counts as substantially non-combustible, given how close it is to the boundary. Talking of which, I don't know whose fence that is, but if it's his he'll regret not replacing it while he could still get at it. As for speed - I recently had a 3m x 11m log cabin built in about 1½ days.
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    Joke Thread II

    Best pub for food I ever went to (ordinary pubs I mean), was off of Princess Rd in Manchester, after the landlord's wife (who'd been doing the cooking) left him, and rather than lose the lunchtime trade he provided plates and cutlery, and let you bring in your own food from the local...
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    Axminster Ral Number

    RAL3000 - 3033 are the reds in the standard range. Jaydee - don't start a new thread, just ask Axminster. PS -I'm with Terry - Pantone is for the poncy graphic designers, and is about printing. RAL is for the poncy product stylists and is for painting things. Engineers only paint things...
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    Recommend plastic handled chisel.

    Well, no, not top-end, I grant you, but they weren't cheap. They are several years old, but the handles should not have gone the way they have. What you see in the photos is not deposits from a mucky hand - it's being exuded by the handles. 2nd one shows where I wiped a bit away Have...
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    Joke Thread II

    If you eat in Wetherspoons you'll get microwaved food (or oven re-heated). Point is they are "ready meals" - they don't have proper chefs. Pairs with the stale beer well.
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    Recommendations for a Planer/Thicknesser

    Also, Gandalf - why are you using reclaimed ones? If it's for the character, then fine, but I've been looking at scaffold boards recently, with the idea of using them for fencing, and I've found that reclaimed ones have gone the same way as sleepers, and acquired a "trending premium", and now...
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    Budget Glue

    Um,,, well...
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    Recommend plastic handled chisel.

    Thanks. Now I need to decide if that bit of scientific knowledge makes me feel any better about it. Ditto if I ever learn (or CBA to find out) why some soft grippy kitchen knife handles have gone sticky...
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    Joke Thread II

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    Joke Thread II

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    Joke Thread II

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    Budget Glue
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    Recommend plastic handled chisel.

    Why do my plastic-handled chisels smell of vomit?