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  1. moosepig

    Crazy world

    It's a crazy world, all right. https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/product/MWUG2Z/A/pro-stand
  2. moosepig

    Misheard lyrics

    Kate Bush's Army Dreamer... didn't have the money for a pizza
  3. moosepig

    RCD/MCB help

    ...or a competent DIYer carrying out permitted work who doesn't wish inadvertently, unexpectedly and suddenly to power down the rest of the house's sockets?
  4. moosepig

    RCD/MCB help

    Thanks for all replies, folks. My house had a new CU fitted in 2005; the sockets are on their own RCD so at least the lights stayed on. Might investigate double pole MCBs for some circuits - sparky job, naturally. Just seems daft to me that the only way of isolating circuit doesn't really...
  5. moosepig

    RCD/MCB help

    Can any of the electricians on here explain why MCBs only switch live? I was replacing a socket the other day upstairs - no sweat says I, just flip the MCB for upstairs sockets and press on. Accidentally touch neutral and earth at the same time... residual current is enough to trip the RCD and...
  6. moosepig

    Sabre 350 Bandsaw Stand - Worth having?

    NUZAMAS Set of 2 Plunger Stroke Metal Push Pull Toggle Clamps Straight-Line Action Clamps 32mm 227Kg 500 Lbs NUZAMAS Set of 2 Plunger Stroke Metal Push Pull Toggle Clamps Straight-Line Action Clamps 32mm 227Kg 500 Lbs : Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools Vital Parts Adjustable Feet, Screw in Feet...
  7. moosepig

    Sabre 350 Bandsaw Stand - Worth having?

    Amazon. They're just toggle clamps with the appropriately threaded feet replacing the original bolt. M8 threads in this case.
  8. moosepig

    Sabre 350 Bandsaw Stand - Worth having?

    Tbh it's usually fine without even locking the wheels. If I need extra stability for something demanding I can lower a couple of feet at the rear, like this (only one lowered in this photo) When I built a low-loader style base for my P/T (iTech 260S) I didn't even bother with locking wheels...
  9. moosepig

    Sabre 350 Bandsaw Stand - Worth having?

    Ended up making my own base for my Sabre 350, allows the machine to swivel on the spot, reduced the height a bit and provided bespoke blade storage.
  10. moosepig

    Kitchen Knife Set - Recommendations Please?

    Struggling to imagine how you kept that lot under £200 :LOL:
  11. moosepig

    Mitre saw blade

    I doubt I could have found a saw doctor that could turn an aggressive 24 tooth "multipurpose" blade into a 60 tooth negative rake one, so buying new was probably the only option ;)
  12. moosepig

    Mitre saw blade

    I have the Fury3 XL. Struggled with the factory blade for ages before replacing it with one of these Axcaliber Contract 254mm Neg Rake TCT Saw Blade It was like having a new saw! Superb cuts. Used a reducing ring (30mm - 25.4mm) with no problems.
  13. moosepig

    Table saw Blades - seeking advice & information

    I use Freud blades in my ancient cheapo table saw. Not the cheapest but worth the extra for durability. You can get away with a 40 tooth blade for just about anything; I use 24t for ripping and 40t for sled work. Not seen a need for 60t yet. There's a 2-pack available from Screwfix which is...
  14. moosepig

    Table saw stopped

    Warranty invalidated? That's insane! The blade is a consumable item, surely. :oops:
  15. moosepig

    Clarke cbs12wv bandsaw spares

    Parts list https://www.clarkeservice.co.uk/parts_lists/6460030.pdf Manual with drawings and parts list https://www.clarkeservice.co.uk/manuals/woodworker/CBS12WV_Bandsaw.pdf Clarke spares Clarke Power Products - Spare Parts and Components Good luck. Last time I enquired about Clarke spares...