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  1. MikeG.

    Kitchen dresser

    I tried really hard to complete these two pieces of furniture and post about it this weekend before the powers-that-be could carry out their threat to ban me. You'll have to read to the end to see whether I made it or not. We left it last weekend with me just starting the bookshelves for the...
  2. MikeG.

    2020 Secret Santa ......and we're off!

    Sorry Phil, but I'm going to let you down, I'm afraid. All will become clear in the next few days.
  3. MikeG.

    Historical References on Architectural Joinery?

    Hewett's is a superb book, but from memory it only covers the period up to about 1700, and much of it on framing techniques.
  4. MikeG.

    Re sawing oak

    Put a new blade on your bandsaw, adjust it properly, and use that....planing a clean face after each cut.
  5. MikeG.

    How much?

  6. MikeG.

    Yet another english style workbench build

    If you do buy a new piece, you'll certainly be sighting it carefully before making your choice!
  7. MikeG.

    Yet another english style workbench build

    You've two choices with the twisted board, I reckon. One is to replace it altogether, and the second is to make it the hind-most board, and plane it down. I'd almost certainly do the latter. Don't try and fight twist, because twist always wins. You'll find your board will introduce a twist to...
  8. MikeG.

    Mystery tool

    Well, that isn't quite how you'd put it. It's 1:48, a quarter inch to the foot, or one inch to four feet. Apparently it's "O" scale for model train makers, and has some Lego connection too.
  9. MikeG.

    Ebay £10 off

    I reckon it is targeted just at you, Steve. I certainly haven't had any such offer. I trust you aren't trying to buy from the same trader who let you down first time....
  10. MikeG.

    DBT85s Workshop - Moved in and now time to fit it out

    Weathertight! That's a milestone.....
  11. MikeG.

    Height adjustable workbench

    Never mind the height adjustment, which will turn out to be a gimmick. Have a good think about incorporating machines into a bench. It's not a great idea, unless your bench is the size of Texas. You'll find that every time you want to use one of the machines you have to clear the bench, and that...
  12. MikeG.

    Advise me on which Paslode nailer

    Careful what you build in that field, Bob. You'll start attracting the attention of the Planners. I reiterate what the others have said about Paslode: buy something else. Not liking the cold was the big deal for us, but having to buy their expensive nails, bundled up with gas that we didn't...
  13. MikeG.

    Kitchen dresser

    No, they're just tenons into the same groove that the ply goes into. It's fine for lightweight doors like these that will only get opened once in a blue moon.
  14. MikeG.

    Upcoming TV programme and Felder/Hammer bargains

    I wouldn't mind one of those bandsaws if they're two or three hundred pounds.......
  15. MikeG.

    Kitchen dresser

    My local builder's merchant (Ridgeon's, Sudbury) is packed full of the stuff. It doesn't take much selecting.