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    Diamond sharpening stones

    I have 4 Eze Lap 8 x 3 stones, 250 to 1200 grit with an 8 x 3 8000 grit ceramic stone, plus strops and oxides for getting a good shaving edge on my tools. I did wear out a medium stone very quickly flattening a Samurai laminated plane blade.
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    Motor capacitor required

    Many thanks for the info on the capacitor. The Elu lathe is great, I have had mine for over 25 years, and made extra tool stands, supports and tool rests. I use an auto 4 jaw chuck, from Axminster and a couple of Craft Supplies multi chucks.
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    Motor capacitor required

    Canonman, please can you post the details of the Maplin capacitor. Many thanks.
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    Best vice in the world?

    They had this as an April fool last year.
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    QS No 62 - Initial impressions

    I have a QS 62 and apart from the handle think it is a great plane. I also bent one of the brass throat adjusters as it was catching my hand on the front knob. I made a replacement rear tote from Bubinga and all is well.
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    Router... what to buy?!

    I started with a small Bosch POF 50, a great tool and it re-energised my woodwork. I built a table for it, but found it a little underpowered. So bought an Elu 96 for the table. Move on a few years, bigger project and giving the router lots of use. Building up a few quality router bits as the...
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    Quangsheng / Dakota hand planes

    Mone of mine are marked. My Rutland's large chisel plane is marked Dakota on the wooden box. All my Workshop Heaven planes and spoke shaves have Quangsheng marked on the card sleeves that go over the boxes. I think there is more attention to detail on he WH tools.
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    3rd party chipbreakers

    All my hand planes now have thicker chipbreakers. Old photo displayed, better No.6 and 4 were at school at time of photo. Apart from the Rob Cosman combo, all the other chipbreakers are Quangsheng from Matthew at WorkshopHeaven. I have upgraded plane blades also. Either RC...
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    Bobbin sander

    Fence stops are adjustable and removable.
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    Bobbin sander

    L shaped fence. Note circular cut-out to clear central column. Hardware is from Rutlands, works well. [/url]/img]
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    Bobbin sander

    The fence is made from 4 hpieces of Baltic birch ply. The vertical fence is laminated for thickness and sandwiches the blue t track. Two hand wheel/knobs lock the fence onto the 2 t tracks on the table, they ride in slots to give an angled fence. The two stops on the vertical fence run in the...
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    Bobbin sander

    I can get oscillation by raising and lowering the quill (or get wife to move the quill while I control the cut. The fence works well as a thicknesser for guitar and ukulele parts.
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    Bobbin sander

    3' x 2' Baltic birch ply. Solid base piece, top is made from 4 pieces of ply, butting up to the 3 pieces of Axminster's alloy T-Track. Round holes made with router and circle jig, as are inserts to suit my range of drum sanders. Drawer is short and allows for dust collection behind the drawer...
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    Bobbin sander

    As a bobbin sander.
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    Bobbin sander

    I use my drill press as a bobbin sander.