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    Tyne Cub lathe issue

    Hi the I don’t have a washer behind the Chuck as it’s on and off frequently so no problem I use an old screwdriver through the spindle to lock it to remove the bed bars remove the headstock there’s 2 countersunk Allen bolts to remove and 2 bolts at the opposite end and it’s done I tend to not...
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    Tyne Cub lathe issue

  3. Mick p

    Tyne Cub lathe issue

    Thanks MickP
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    Tyne Cub lathe issue

    Lons i’d be interested in the tap if you no longer need it thanks mickp
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    Tyne Cub lathe issue

    I yes it is
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    Tyne Cub lathe issue

    Speak to Derek a nice guy to deal with he used to sell them i think Company Name: Pyatt Woodworking Phone/Fax No.: 01902 743973 email: [email protected] Location: We are located in Tettenhall, north west side of Wolverhampton, just off the A41. 6 miles from M54 junction 3 and 3...
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    Tyme cub

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    Mini compressor - Senco 5ltr, 0.5hp

    If the noise is the concern I’d highly recommend a Bambi compressor their used in dentist’s almost noise free they are expensive to buy new but reasonable on auction sites and like I’ve had mine for 10 years and no problems.
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    Faceplate ring

    I made this up works really well masonry nails through the middle centres it in the marker hole?
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    Satisfying cut's with Ekki!

    iv been told that eking was used for sea defence work at one time because of its durability.
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    Anybody else love bandsaws?

    I have a three wheeler that’s older than me a coronet imp i had it over 10 years six months ago I bought a record 250 on a stand got to supposedly upgrade set it up it was useless compared to the imp so I got rid of the 250 I’m sure the imp will outlast me great old English engineering built to last
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    Post a pic of something you have recycled

    Their from the bottle bank as well.
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    Post a pic of something you have recycled

    My bottle bird feeders are made completely with recycled materials oak ash varnish stain stainless mesh and screws all come from skips my brother has a skip hire business it’s amazing what I find when having a mooch