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    How to clean wooden planes

    I have recently acquired some wooden moulding planes. All seem to be in reasonable condition, but they are pretty grotty as regards the dirt and grime they seem to be embedded with. I believe that a good cleaner and conditioner for the wood would be an equal parts mix of: Boiled Linseed Oil...
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    New MFT 'square' from Benchdogs

    Ah...I reckon that those socks are so expensive that it would take at least 3 Kashmir goats to make them...providing they can knit of course :)
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    New MFT 'square' from Benchdogs

    I use an MFT top on a couple of trestles and I also have a couple of BD items (which I like). I find this item to be very interesting and I shall sit on the fence (not a BD one) to watch developments. Who knows...this could develop into a Christmas present...(make a change from socks).
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    How do you know you're getting old...

    Getting old is certainly not for wimps.
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    Why would I have a business CARD?

    Do both...card has 2 sides.
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    Things that bug you!!

    Hmmm...paws for thort Yore all a PITA...makin somethink outa nothink...
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    Bandsaw blade tracking problem

    Interesting comment by Phill05. I'm a 'conventional' man, but always open to new ideas. At the end of any session with my bandsaw I have always released the tension. Re-applying tension has never been a problem (touch wood...I like touching wood (UK not USA style)). 'Any road up' my bandsaw is a...
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    If I have to have socks for Christmas...

    I know I will get some socks at Christmas. Don't want to just leave it 'open' this year (may get some 'themed' socks for goodness sake!!). Need to drop some hints as to which socks would at least produce a genuine smile of appreciation. Socks that would keep my feet toasty in the workshop would...
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    Bought from Banggood...no complaints, but I have been selective in what I bought (used the recommendations from 'Hooked on Wood' - not all of them of course! His You tube vids are worth a look). Price differences are quite remarkable and the quality of what I've bought so far has been very good...
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    Best humidifier for unheated garage workshop

    Seems to me (so far), that it's all a bit of a balancing act. Right amount of ventilation, correct warmth with humidity controlled to a comfortable range...ah...pricing comes into this combination of variables too of course... Variables plus Internet...I may be some time...
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    Best humidifier for unheated garage workshop

    Thanks for that Sideways...my garage door is also an up 'n' over, so I will do as you've done and get a brush type draft excluder (will need to apply it to the entrance door too). So...desiccant humidifier here I come...just need to check out what's available via the Internet... (the Internet...
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    Best humidifier for unheated garage workshop

    Thanks Fitzroy...I see you're from the frozen North so I'm guessing you know a lot about chilly drafts!:) Seems to be a reasonable starting point to minimise drafts (I feel another Internet search developing for me...). However, as Ollie has pointed out, assuming I get the garage 'acceptably'...
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    Best humidifier for unheated garage workshop

    It seems to me that every time I look into purchasing virtually anything to do with my hobby, my search sends me spiraling into the spiders web of Internet distractions and asides. Some of these distractions are really interesting and I frequently discover many things that I knew nothing about...
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    [email protected]@dy amateurs...all of us pros know that you never force a joint...you just use a bigger hammer :)
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    My OH and I watch all of these type shows...it passes as 'light entertainment' for us. Normally we get a 'Series link' to programmes we enjoy and watch them at our leisure. So, if it's baking, ceramics, woodwork, sewing, metalwork etc etc we dip in and out at a time that suits us. One thing...