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    Sold Pfeil Carving Set

    Pfeil Carving chisels carvers mallet, Arkansas slip stone and Chris Pye book. Bought this with the intention to start carving but never got around to it. Unfortunately not enough time. £80 posted
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    Which Diamond Stone?

    I had an Axminster rider and when new it was excellent but did not last beyond eight or nine months before it lost it’s effectiveness. Then tried a waterstone and was really impressed with it but had to flatten it regularly and found it was really messy for my liking. I picked up a trend diamond...
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    General purpose plane

    5, 5 1/2 or 62 for a start. They are not called a Jack for nothing. All the hand tool experts on you tube recommend this way to go, Rob Cosman, Richard McGuire etc. Check out their hand tool buying videos. You will want a Jack plane eventually for flattening boards anyhow and they can double up...
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    Primary Bevel options advice please.

    Thanks for the answers. Does anyone use a course waterstone 220g or similar?
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    Primary Bevel options advice please.

    Ok would like some advice. I need to re-establish a primary bevel on one of my plane irons. in the past I have managed this with 400 grit diamond stone but it is now very worn and would take too long. So options as I see it are- 1. Replace the diamond stone with a new one. 2. Buy a course water...
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    What woodworking book to buy first?

    For a beginner Minimalist Woodworker by Vic Tesolin is a good starting point. Discusses a minimal tool list and some projects teaching the basics.
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    Buying solid countertops for raw material

    This was made from oak worktop offcuts. I ripped them into 80mm strips, staggered and glued them the other way to make the top and the legs. I paid £60 for the lot from a guy who sells offcuts on Facebook marketplace.
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    Baffled by bandsaw

    The Snodgrass video is enlightening. I have the little Record machine and although running ok centring the gullet to the centre of the wheel has turned it into a different machine! thanks for posting that.....
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    Staircase spindle movement

    Potentially classed as a latent defect unless you can prove misuse. You have your good name to protect here so a visit to establish the cause would be probably more beneficial to yourself. After all it may be an easy fix? A bad reputation spreads quicker than a good one.
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    Various books

    Colin monies sent with address on PayPal payment. Many thanks Mark
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    Various books

    No 6 please The Woodworker 1949. Let me have your PayPal addy and will send over to you. Many Thanks Mark
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    Woodworking in limited spaces.

    How about a functional piece of furniture for your room that has drawers/shelves for your tools. Something heavy duty like a sideboard that’s you could make a bench top that drops on the top and stored away when not in use?
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    First ever project - go easy :-)

    2nd hand on Ebay for tools particularly planes. Look at Paul Sellars vids on you tube and his websites for tool buying guides. Older tools are much better than the poor offerings today unless you are willing to buy veritas, lie nielsen etc. I was trained many years ago using hand tools and...
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    New house, new workshop!

    How far does it slope? There are numerous self levelling compounds available now that allow it to be applied in thicker quantities. Up to 15 mm in one application so you could use layers. Failing that a sand and cement floor screed could be an option?