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    Cost of Ceder of Lebanon

    Ask Jeff at http://www.tylerhardwoods.com/ - he usually has stock and his prices are pretty good. Not too far from you either.
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    Inline duct fans

    Its a minefield of a subject and to his credit Pentz has at least put a fair bit of effort in - I feel he's being very conservative though. Unfortunately the equipment to test is not cheap at all or easy to rent - I tried. When I was researching this (my real aim was to improve our hvac at work...
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    Planer/Thicknesser decisions.

    Fwiw the Robland is solid generally but the fence is really poor especially if you're throwing big lumps around. I have heard that the Hammer fence is also a bit weak.
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    Inline duct fans

    Have your cake and eat it .... etc. Yes it is possible sort of Option 1 - have a lot of money and get a fan + filter housing custom made. P & J amongst others might be able to make it work Option 2 - (being in a similar situation) buy a standard extractor unit...
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    Inline duct fans

    I'm assuming (!) that by inline fan you mean an axial fan (impeller looks like an aircraft engine and is perpendicular to the flow). If so be aware that they're not generally designed to handle solids passing through them nor are they generally brilliant at developing a vacuum. They can shift a...
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    New Window recommendatons

    The windows in y house are coming to the end of the line - early 1980's, narrow gap and beginning to rot out. Anyone knowof a good brand? To slightly complicate matters its a victorian schoolhouse and although my neighbours have gone for any old pvc I'd really like something more in keeping with...
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    Compressors - old or new ?

    I've never heard a hydrovane described as quiet, hate their noise. You can buy a timer kit which will run the compressor and get it nice and hot. Or you can just crack the drain cock like I do.
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    Ruler stops. Recommendations please.

    I've the Veritas and I get very annoyed when its misplaced. They're one of those funny things; when you don't have one you wonder why anybody would buy one but when you've got one thye're invaluable. In fact I'm going to get another. Some are open on one side but I quite like the fact that the...
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    Bandsawing service

    I don't have time to do it for you but you're welcome to use my band saw/pt. I'm just outside Hitchin.
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    Dust extraction for hobby woodworker

    All good stuff here, its a bit of a minefield all round with a definite lack of cohesiveness so its not surprising these question come up all the time. If its not part of your work getting all the info is a pita. Coming back to the OP. I'm amazed that your miele does the job so well, they're...
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    Morso F Guillotine

    By happy chance I'm having a clear out and just happen to have a Morso to get rid of - no longer use it. If you're interested give me a shout. Apart from that, they are the mutts when it comes to framing. It can be done on a (good) SCMS but its a right pita. Depending on the amount you need to...
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    Dust extraction for hobby woodworker

    Should have read all your post, sorry. A vacuum is never going to be ideal for use with a table saw and definitely not a thicknesser. They're not designed to shift huge quantities of air and the hoses too small to handle thicknesser shavings; for that sort of application you need to be looking...
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    Dust extraction for hobby woodworker

    Over the years I've bought maybe a dozen Nilfisk units for the places I work - yet to see one break, they're proper commercial quality and Nilfisk make for Makita and Festool amongst others. I use the 26-21 with a cyclone for all my power tools, router table and mitre saw which it deals with...
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    I know of one business that got caught by the Revenue - they didn't mess around.
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    Dust / Chip Extraction

    I'll be able to tell you in a few days - just got one specially for the duct work nonsense but its still in its box.