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    Polyurethane varnish recommendation

    As a matter of interest, what better quality, cost effective plywood would you suggest instead? I’d been planning to use this kind of ply to make some basic cabinets and drawers in my garage workshop. Already made a garage storage unit with it and it seemed ok, or am I missing something? Happy...
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    Which Dehumidifier?

    Now all I need is some sun! Maybe in a few months we might get a day or two! 😎☀️
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    Which Dehumidifier?

    I have 10” portable extractor/ventilation fan. That ought to do the job! 💨
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    Which Dehumidifier?

    Thanks. I think it’s going to be quite tricky to plug up all the holes! There are a lot of them: a window that doesn’t quite close, door with gaps around it, gaps under the roof line. That said, I can see the challenge of keeping the humidity low with it being so open to the outside. I guess...
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    Which Dehumidifier?

    This is an interesting thread. I hope you don’t mind me jumping in but you all seem like you might have the knowledge I need for a sensible way forwards. I’ve got a single unheated, detached garage, single skin brick, corrugated cement roof, concrete floor - no dpm, single glazed windows that is...
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    Air compressor size (litres) for cabinet spraying?

    Having looked at this recently, if you want to go down the air compressor route, have a look at the Gentilin options. For example, the CSK240/24 is rated for spraying, and is only 67db from Gentilin Air Compressors at Sprayman UK - SpraymanUK. It's less about the size of the tank and more...
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    Beginner advice on birch plywood

    Interesting to read about your experience of this and lots of great advice. Looks great. Very similar projects and materials I’ve been thinking about. Did you end up cutting it yourself or go down the ‘Having it cut for you’ route?