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    Wood Preserver.

    I was planing some up yesterday and saw 2 tiny (less than 1mm) creepy crawlies on the oak. No idea what they are, but i thought it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm probably just over reacting tho. Matt.
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    Wood Preserver.

    I have got a pile of european oak (offcuts from a local joinery firm) and am planning to make new kitchen doors from it. I would like to treat it with wood preserver first, to make sure i kill any nasties off which might be living in it. I have a 5 star, clear spirit based universal rot and...
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    Varnish ?

    No idea, but good to see you again Richard. :D Matt.
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    Wanted spare parts for Delta Belt disc sander

    You'll be hard pushed to find Delta parts in the uk now. They were distributed by toolbank, but were dropped a few years ago due to lack of sales. As far as i know the have no Uk distribution anymore. You'll probably have to have the parts shipped from the US. Matt.
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    the side table on the axminster saw is just a lightweight not very flat steel one, plus i already had the triton table. Matt.
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    I have just bought the axminster 8" cast iron table saw (kity clone) for my new (small) workshop. Wasn't expecting it to take up as much room as it did, so i was left short of space for my triton router table. I was thinking of hinging the router table off the wall, so it could be folded down...
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    Sedgwick 571 question

    Cheers LN. Matt.
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    Sedgwick 571 question

    Hi all, Waiting for my sedgwick morticer to be delivered, but it's taking longer than expected, which is now holding up the sorting out of my machinery. What i need to know is the working/table hight so i can plan what hight to have my other machine. Thanks in advance. Matt.
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    Triton router tables......

    thanks guys. I think i have decided to go for the triton. The rutlands one seems to be a good bit of kit, but think the triton is more 'ready to go' (finger guards etc etc) Matt.
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    Triton router tables......

    .......are they any good or not? Ideally i would like to build my own big router table, but as soon as the workshop is finished, i've got to crack on with making the new kitchen, so i need a router table in a bit of a hurry. Thanks. Matt.
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    Matts workshop

    Thanks chaps, hopefully it'll be all finished in a couple of weeks. It certainly is. But looking at my pile of tools in the dining room, i'm not sure i'm gonna fit them all in, even tho i have twice the space i used too. :? God only knows where i'm gonna put my new machines when they arrive...
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    There's a bullet in my wood!!!

    Kevin Lay found a bullet in some burr elm in an article he did for F&C a few years back. Also heard of people find barbed wire in trees. Matt.
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    Matts workshop

    Hi everyone. Not been round these parts for a while, had a very busy few months, moving house, holidays etc all coming at once. But i have been spending what spare time i have had wisely, and have now got my workshop nearly complete. here's some pics The site before i started...
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    workshop location problem.

    Thanks Old, my understanding of it was that the forces theoretically went through the ground at 45 degrees. Had a bit of a dig today and this is what i found a few inches below the surface. Matt.
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    Is there a difference between makita batteries.

    Hi Joe, You can use either batteries in that tool, red or black (nicad and himh) without problems. Matt.