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    Wanted Surface planer wanted 8 inch a minimum

    Ive got a 3 phase wadkin for sale, 9inch capacity wr102lf £600
  2. M

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Thank you, just a compass and lots of patience. Took me about about 14 hours to fit the whole thing. Way longer than I expected.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Thank you, just a compass and patience. Took me longer than I wanted but I was happy how it all came out. The one piece on the right I had to add a fillet as the stone was so off plumb
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    Carpenters tool box?

    Cheers guys I took the plundge
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    Carpenters tool box?

    Yes that’s it but I want the draw at the bottom so I don’t have to open the lid to get to it. Do you think that is strong enough to stand on? I’m a big lad 😁
  6. M

    Floating shelf brackets

    Sticks like, I made a load using all thread and a block on the wall. So strong they had to take the stud wall down to get them off I kid you not haha. That is the issue with then, have to be sure you, as there isn’t much room for movement
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    Carpenters tool box?

    Hi guys I’ve not posted here for a long time. I’ve been mulling over my tool storage. I have a workshop but a lot of my work takes me out on site or to other people’s workshops. I am forever frustrated with the lack of organisation in my how I carry my hand tools. I’ve bought bags and totes...
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    Dewalt Radial Arm Saw

    Hi guys I’ve just bought a europac model. Looks great but having trouble aligning stuff. Blade keeps burning. Just had blade sharpened so not that. Any tips would be a good send. Cheers
  9. M

    Kitty 1619 table saw

    Have you got any photos? I’m in the market for a good table saw. I’ve got 3 phase so I’m easy. Cheers
  10. M

    Japanese Waterstones

    What’s the condition of the stones? Pictures? Cheers
  11. M

    Inca table saw plus some bits. SOLD

    Ide be interested in some photo's please.
  12. M

    small cramps, yours for the P&P.

    Im in
  13. M

    SOLD RECORD G Clamps for sale SOLD

    Are these still for sale?
  14. M

    Axminster AWSMS 102

    Hi guys I'm looking at getting this Saturday night. Can't find much info on it. Anybody used it? What do people think? Cheers.