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    shop bought fancy furniture, how do they justify the price? No advertising, correct, how is some of this justified. I really need these customers.
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    Why don't we use more Chestnut?

    I am curious, having not been in the UK, for close to thirty years, l used to use a lot of ash and beech. Was living near Thornbury near Bristol. Now I am in Hungary, outside of pine construction every thing you get commercially or from the forester is in logs - width length are the working...
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    Resawing - Japanese saw options

    How about, find a mate with a bandsaw. May be easier.
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    Return to my workshop

    Köszönöm szépen
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    Return to my workshop

    Thank you, it was harrowing at first, especially with the “you will never walk again”, rubbish. Fortunate for me, daughter is a yoga practitioner. We fired the first two doctors, as they considered themselves gods within their roles, not to be challenged, not to be questioned. Now I have a open...
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    Return to my workshop

    Approx 6 months, thanks for asking.
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    Return to my workshop

    In early April 2022, I was unfortunate to suffer a broken spine related to removing asbestos sheets from a shed roof. After months of laying in bed later limited movement in a wheelchair. The good news is as of today, I am now on crutches and able to visit my workshop. After celebration...
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    How do I remove a large engine oil stain on my resin drive?

    Buy a Land Rover, an old series or such. Park that there for a few weeks. The existing stain will be pale in comparison 🤩
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    Squirrels. Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

    Hope they are not going to hit the ‘black stuff’ and a curry after 🤩
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    Your worst accident or near miss

    An apt post at an apt time. I have never really had a workshop related accident due to being a nerd regarding, HSE and disconnecting machines from power prior to blade changes etc. I had once a router bit shatter, I have a post on this forum somewhere. Otherwise only nicks and splinters...
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    My dilemma

    Let me snap one over the weekend
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    My dilemma

    That’s precisely what I have moved to ‘a portable workshop’. The only static pieces I have now are 2x benches, shelving. Power sockets and an element of lighting. Even my clamps now have their own portable wigwam. A set of fun projects, and joint making practises. Oh even the beer fridge is...
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    Bandsaw use of guide/guard

    That’s a horrifying article. Imagine slipping and going head first. Makes one shudder.
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    The wrong sort of metric tape

    Suffering from poor eyesight, I now tend to create story sticks. Easier on the eyes than reading a rule. Annoyingly I have about three pairs of glasses lying around but can never seem to find them when required. Fun too when tying up hook lengths for fishing.
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    Anyone want to do a weight loss challenge?

    I am in the middle of a weight challenge right now. Am at the age of 57. So far I have gone from 33% body fat, to 26. My goal is 22%. I eat more steamed veg, keep portions low, and fish and chicken. I must say being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, does put another perspective in life. As...