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  1. Marineboy

    More garbage from China

    Indeed you can. Where are iPhones made?
  2. Marineboy

    Festool saws, dust extraction, Henry and 100mm....

    Notwithstanding budgetary considerations, if you get the Festool extractor you will see zero dust. I’m so confident in the extraction abilities of the setup that I have cut sheets of ply in my lounge.
  3. Marineboy

    Amazon versus Screwfix

    Exactly. If the government wants Amazon to pay more tax, they should change the tax laws. Amazon’s customer service beats anything on the high street. My son recently had a vacuum cleaner which went up in a puff of smoke. He bought it 18 months ago. Contacted Amazon, refunded the purchase price...
  4. Marineboy

    blum drawer issues

    Mine are also dead level, I don’t understand why you would want them to otherwise. Re the holes in the drawer for the back pins, I simply butted the drawer up against the pins and gave the back of the slide a light tap with a hammer. This marked the exact location needed for the hole.
  5. Marineboy

    Painting mdf

    Re the shelf dimension are you sure that 12mm is sufficiently thick to provide the rigidity you want without sagging? Of course it depends on the shelf length and how you are going to support it but othing looks worse than a banana shaped shelf. Re the painting, I’d go with Sammy’s advice...
  6. Marineboy

    Bluetooth speaker

    If you want good sound have you thought used? I have a Sony SRS BTX300 which is about 7 years old and no longer in production. It has a built in rechargeable battery so can be used attached to the mains or portably. The sound is astonishing, clear and plenty of bass. You could pick one up on...
  7. Marineboy

    Bluetooth speaker

    I’m guessing bluetooth
  8. Marineboy

    Few more mains sockets?

    Exactly. The fuse protects the cable. Once the load exceeds the capacity of the cable to carry it the fuse blows and ensures the cable does not overheat.
  9. Marineboy

    Ventilation gap behind fitted wardrobes?

    Definitely wise to leave a gap. In my experience, a wardrobe hard up against even a dry wall will cause condensation and mould.
  10. Marineboy

    Victorian stud walls

    Thanks all, I have a number of options there and will try them all.
  11. Marineboy

    Victorian stud walls

    Thanks for those replies. I have tried a stud detector but it seems to be confused by the laths so gives a signal wherever it's placed. I like the sound of the magnet though - I have a powerful one somewhere. And I suppose I knew in my bones that there was no standard spacing of studs, or...
  12. Marineboy

    Victorian stud walls

    I am installing a handrail on the stairs in my Victorian house. The wall to which it will attach is a lath and plaster stud wall, so clearly I need to attach the brackets to the studs. Normally when trying to locate studs I have used the obvious method of drilling a line of closely spaced...
  13. Marineboy

    Good News Re Worktop Express

    Yes, I've used them and happy to recommend both their service and the quality of the worktops.
  14. Marineboy

    Dust extraction and track-saws

    With my Festool I’ve cut large sheets of ply and MDF in my lounge. That’s how good the dust extraction is. Peter Millard is right - cheaper track saws will probably cut nearly as well but they won’t have the same dust extraction efficiency. But as someone else has observed the underside of the...
  15. Marineboy

    For Sale Blum cabinet hinges and handles - final reduction - SOLD

    I recently sold via this forum a load of hinges and handles from fitted bedroom furniture that my son had disassembled in his new house. Well, he's just knocked out the furniture in the second bedroom. Hardware is: 50 no. Blum 70 2550 100 degree sprung. No soft close. All bolts and screws...