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    John Green: 18th Century York Planemaker by Peter Young

    Funny old world! We just got back from a long weekend in Normandy hunting up old tools for our business, not great because of the terrible weather. We decided to pop into a brocante that we normally avoid because of their sky high prices, not much there but then I spotted a pile of old crates...
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    Bronze vintage plane

    Wouldn't that be nice! I used to enjoyAlf's postings more than anyone else. Cheers, Martin
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    Bronze vintage plane

    Well, that is good to know as I now have about 8 of these! 6 GTL and 2 UNA OID, been grabbing them when they come up at boot sales over the years and just tucked them away. They have been creeping up at places like David Stanley etc so maybe next one I'll try a couple out and see how they do. It...
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    Small Handles needed!

    Hi all, Been away from the forum for rather a long time but have popped in to read a few times. Very busy with our EBay buisness, stiill finding tall sorts of tools but more concentrating on engineering these days as planes have become very problematic. What I need making if anyone is up for it...
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    More money than sense?

    Hi Guys, Not been here for a long time, been really busy doing what these people do on EBay! The Barnes guys are top notch tool sellers who put their tools on at 99p most of the time and let the market decide what they make, they have huge balls to list expensive stuff for 99p and take it on...
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    Mystery Tool?

    Hi all, Been a long time since I was last here, really busy with all sorts of odd items, but every now and then a real oddity comes along and defies all normal avenues of research, just like this one! Seems to be for gripping something and then releasing it, not very robust item so fairly...
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    DVD's to hard disc then to AppleTV help please!

    Right, so if I tell DVDFab to rip the files to the movies folder that Itunes 'made' then itunes will see it as if itself had put the file there? Wondering if there is something to be said for seven shelves full of DVD's after all.... :P :P If so will it be OK to delete the files in appletv...
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    DVD's to hard disc then to AppleTV help please!

    Wobblycogs: Many thanks , that seems to work just fine, done about 10 DVD's so far with no problem. Couple of other questions please: On my 2TB NAS drive I have a folder MK MUSIC which contains all my CD's and is referenced by iTune as my Itunes library. Another folder is MKDVD which has a...
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    Anyone know of any vintage knife forums?

    notice that it is not sold..... martin
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    DVD's to hard disc then to AppleTV help please!

    Wobblycogs, Many thanks sir! Martin
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    DVD's to hard disc then to AppleTV help please!

    mbart The big dive boats way back then were Cuan Law, Ppalu, Wanderlust etc tatty by todays standards. Gotta say that fishing the seamount 30 miles out on the way to St Maarten was some of the best I have ever done, days with Blue Marlin Yellowfin, Wahoo and Dorado were hardly unusual. Do you...
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    DVD's to hard disc then to AppleTV help please!

    Wooblycogs, Oh dear! just downloaded Mp3tag, it might as well be written in Hindustani as far as I am concerned! Any chance of a talk through for a typical DVDFab main movie rip please? So I can get the artwork if possible. Sorry to take up your time. Mbartlett99 Nice boat, proper job! Private...
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    DVD's to hard disc then to AppleTV help please!

    Thanks Pete & Wobbly! Wobbly, could you explain please in more detail how I do this mp3 tag thing? The artwork is where? Is it on the original DVD or do you have to get it from somewhere? My Movies perhaps? Not interested in subtitles! It would seem that ripping and transcoding are two separate...
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    DVD's to hard disc then to AppleTV help please!

    Thanks guys, Does Handbrake allow you to see the artwork in via iTV so that you can just scroll through onscreen and pick the video you wish to watch? Also do you get the whole content of the VD including menus etc? Cheers, martin