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    New to the forums!

    I haven't really ever come across a really bad chisel except from this one my grandad had. It was a fairly thick firmer plastic handle chisel but the edge would just roll over when struck into the wood. All chisels can get really sharp.The only ones which won't are maybe some of the antique...
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    Sharpening of Chisels (again!)

    Hand cranked grinder?
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    Tormek t4 or t8?

    I am pretty sure the t4 doesnt come with certain jigs such as the truing tool ect. When u put these in the costs might as well go t7 or t8 (or even a second hand unit)
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    How to adjust dewalt 745 fence parallel to blade

    Hi all, After much deliberation I decided to get a dewalt 745 as my first table saw. I having trouble getting the fence parallel to the blade. In the manual it suggest just moving the fence to the blade and using that as the setting. The way I am testing how parallel the blade is to the fence...
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    Do hand sharpeners burn their toast?

    I would say a dovetail guide such as the magnetic type from David Baron is quite a good way to learn dovetails. 1) Cut dovetails fully using the guide 2) Use the guide to cut less and less of the dovetail (i.e start the cut with the guide then go freehand until all the way free hand, or start...
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    Grinding molding plane irons

    Thanks for the replies. I know in america you can get thin grinding wheels from Norton? Any idea where to obtain some in the UK? I think a hand grinder is probably best if using thin wheels otherwise could cut through your hand if you slip up!
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    Grinding molding plane irons

    Just wondering how do people grind/ hollow molding plane irons as they would be easier to sharpen with a hollow if they've been abused in the past?
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    Sharpening/grinding firmer or paring gouges

    Hi all, I recently acquired an old former gouge. I've had a go at restoring the edge but have come accross a problem I can't seem to solve. Initially when grinding the gouge back to shape I couldn't get it square as the edge would just fall apart/horrifically chip. I then found out I could be...
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    Car boot finds 9/4/17

    I will take a guess at the above. By the looks of it you can unscrew the brass in order to replace the pins. He got some silver steel rod of the same diameter, shaped one end (possibly in a drill press), cut it to length, placed it in the brass and hammered over the back to stop it coming out...
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    Cutting the sides of dovetail pin boards

    Thanks for the tips guys. Removing the teeth and recutting them to remove set seems a little extreme though. I was using a vertical dovetail saw and a S&P leap frog dovetail saw I had restored. I set the S&P saw with an eclipse saw set on the minimum set which is the twelve setting. I think...
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    Cutting the sides of dovetail pin boards

    Sorry I mean the cross grain part when you saw the sides
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    Cutting the sides of dovetail pin boards

    My sawing isn't 100% so when cutting the sides of dovetail pin boards (the waste at either ends) sometimes it causes gaps. What are the best methods to make sure this doesn't happen? Cut just to the right of the marking gauge line and chisel the waste? Cut the shoulder at a deliberate slight...
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    Hand held belt sander for plane iron grinding

    I've used a hand held belt sander to aid flattening the back of old chisels if the diamond stone looks like it will take forever. I try to use it to hollow out the middle where the bump is. once I've achieved a slight hollow or it flat enough to go back to the diamond stone then I stop. I don't...
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    Table saw advice

    Interesting point about the 3 phase machines. If it's dual voltage that would mean it would still be 3 phase right but at 240v. How would you power these with a single phase supply? There is also a 3 phase wadkin 10ags in my area. It looks a little beat up and the apparently it has stopped...
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    Table saw advice

    I thought it might be a 275 model as it has a 12 inch blade but after looking at the pictures more carefully but not entirely sure pic of saw from the internet Could do with some advice before I do something stupid!