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    Scroll saw recommendations

    Yes, I would recommend the Delta saws, (well remembered AES), they are heavy cast machines, I can use mine on a workmate not fastened down and it not move. I have and still use one that I bought in the mid 90's, a type 2, 40-560, 2 speed, I also have a 40-540 variable speed as back up. The model...
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    How did you learn to turn?

    The title of this thread is "how did you learn to turn" so that's how I learned.
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    How did you learn to turn?

    Self taught, in the 90's, before the Internet and YouTube.
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    Adjustable vs Fixed Spanners

    A few of my Bahco's, amassed during my time as a Coal Prep. Fitter.
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    Minimum door linings for solid internal doors

    I think they're called Paramount walls, our 1980's built bungalow has them.
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    Hegner foot switch

    To fit a foot switch to a machine with a NVR switch, you either have to bypass the NVR (you loose the safety feature doing this) or connect the footswitch to the output side before any other controls ie the speed control.
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    Sourcing Blades for Scroll Saws and Jewellers, Piercing, Coping, & Junior Hack Saws

    Flying Dutchman are Niqua blades, rebranded by Mike Moorlach as part of the deal when he acquired the distribution rights of Niqua blades for the American Market.
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    labelling wood in your ‘store’

    I always write on the endgrain of my wood, (it usually gets cutoff anyway,) with either a pencil on light coulered woods or marker pen on dark wood.
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    Makita benchtop thicknesser dust collection issue

    I have a small shed, no room for a big extractor, so use my Makita outside and then sweep up when finished.
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    Clarke 37" headstock spindle thread headache

    Are you sure it's 3/4 x 16, some lathes had a 3/4 x 10 or 12 thread.
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    Glue used?

    Re-positional spray glue, I've been using it for over 20 years. I've used several brands but now use the purple can from Crafters Companion.
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    Old Bandsaw Blade Uses.

    I cut them with tin snips, I cut up a fine tooth 1/4" blade to make a dog grooming rake for getting rid of the loose hair.