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    110v tools in home workshop

    Not jumping on the thread but I’ve got as new hardly used 110v jigsaw and circular saw for sale along with planer (well used but still in good working order) and an SDS as new Bosch drill for sale in the for sale section if you’re interested in any just give me a shout...
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    My heart is broken

    Sorry for your loss and feel your pain. We lost our English Bulldog last year and we were absolutely devastated…we were that sad we went and got another. You can’t replace a dog but we at least gave another a loving home. Take care and our thoughts are with you.
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    For Sale Oak off cuts

    I know! But I need the space! I’ll be gutted to burn
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    For Sale Oak off cuts

    These will be going on a fire if no interests before Sunday ….seems a waste
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    Startrite 352S acquired but how do I...

    Van with a tail lift is the way forward. For both loading and un loading. They are approx £120 a day.
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    Sold KITY CK26 for sale (1989)

    Would agree with Lons. I had a K5 and was surprised at how good it was and this is a step up from that
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    For Sale Oak off cuts

    Lots and lots of oak off cuts still available if anyone is interested. CW7 postcode
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    For Sale Felder / Hammer / Axminster / Festool / Talbots / Bessey / Leigh

    Can you put my name on the bandsaw please
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    For Sale Oak off cuts

    No problem. I’ll send you a PM now
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    Band saw

    I served my time (yeah it was a bit ago now!) using wadkins etc. I’ve never used a Charnwood. I’m not ruling it out but if need to try it out and you’re a good way from me but thanks for the post.
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    Car pressure washers

    I agree with PerryGunn. Avoid the brushes. Rinse with jet wash. Snow foam. Leave for 5-10 mins and rinse. This won’t be like a full wash but if you’re doing this 2-3 times a week it will keep the dust off certainly. I’ve had a karcher K2 and K4. Both do the job. Screw fix and tool station both...
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    Band saw

    Thanks. I’ve had a look at these. The second one looks a good machine. The only downside is costs to collect or have it collected at the moment. Couriers prices have gone through the roof haven’t they.
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    Band saw

    I have 16amp supply
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    Band saw

    I used a Meber one a few years ago actually and it was decent. I also like the look of the Hammer’s. Never used an Axminster. Called in the Axminster shop yesterday but they only had smallish ones