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    God's Country

    This piece was a first of this type for me. Not to bad to cut. Made two of them. The finishing and assembly were where the patience was required. Lin
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    A set of Eagles from the "New Toy"

    Gill, Another reason that I jumped at the Compu-Carve when I found out about it is my CNC background. I work at a die cast and precision machining factory and I deal with CNC's every day. I troubleshoot them and write some of the programming for them. I have often thought about trying to...
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    A set of Eagles from the "New Toy"

    Bruce, Actually it was jimp toes that I thought I had stepped on. Your post made me smile...thinking about how far scrollsaws themselves have come from the original hand fret saws that are still used today by many. I do get more enjoyment from the scrollsaw, lathe, bandsaw in making a projects...
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    A set of Eagles from the "New Toy"

    Looks like I ruffled some feathers here...Sorry bout that. I thought there was an interest in what this new machine could do since it is priced for the average woodworker....and really isn't made for heavy produciton type work like the shotbots are. Didn't mean to upset anyone. I'm just...
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    A set of Eagles from the "New Toy"

    The boards are approx. 11" x 11" square. The boards were both under 3/4" thick when I ran them. About .648" I think. The deepest part of the carving was set at .347" The highest point is right around the head beak area and its close to the face of the board...only took off .01" in that...
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    A set of Eagles from the "New Toy"

    I set this eagle up this past Saturday and carved the one from pine first...to make sure I had the depths set right before I ruined a good piece of hardwood. It took just over an hour to carve at normal quality on the machine. The second one I did at best quality in pecan. It took almost two...
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    Another Tropical fish

    Ohhhh...I like this one..it would look so good in my house. Like was already said...makes me want to reach out and touch..The wood contast looks great..and the grain is just right. Lin
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    Help for newbie

    Excellent instructions Gill...About the only thing I can add would be that most blades are stamped out and there for have a burr on them. So they tend to not feed totally straight. Try feeding the wood at a slight angle....about 11:30 on a clock and if you do veer off the line...slowly feed...
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    Off Topic...but I have my new "Toy"

    I think this little machine is going to make this company a lot of $$ over the next several years. The price being in a range where the hobbist woodworker can afford it will benefit all...I do wish they had it available outside the US...In time I figure it will happen. When this first one gets...
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    Off Topic...but I have my new "Toy"

    The machine was introduced under the name Carvewright about 1 1/2" years ago. Beta testing done first. Carvewright then started sellling it direct in around August I think of last year maybe before then. Just about the same time they intorduced it thru Sears for distribution under the...
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    Off Topic...but I have my new "Toy"

    I bought the Compu-Carve and just set it up today...did a test piece from common pine...I'm hoooked. Just need to get good with the software and this CNC router and I will be good friends. Pic of the test piece. Lin
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    Help: Info on Intarsia Courses

    Here are a few links to online free patterns and instructions on the basics of Intarsia. Lin http://www.fantasticwoodworking.com/fre ... tarsia.php http://www.intarsia.net/ http://www.sawbird.com/intarsia.htm http://www.intarsia.com/Free.Intarsia.Pattern.html
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    Retirement Gift

    Personally I doubt than any finish will withstand several years of our winters..without redoing the finish every few years....but I went along with what info I could gather on the web and what the finishes said on the cans...I used teak oil on the fishes and the spalted maple first...several...
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    Retirement Gift

    One of our set-up guys just retired this past weeks after working in my shop for 47 years. I cut this piece for him. It is an outside sign to hang on his house or garage. Cut from 3/4" spalted maple with hard maple fishes. I really like the way this wood looks...I may just have to amke one...
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    Can I introduce myself?

    The only reason normally that you would not be allowed to join one of the MSN scrollsaw group is that if when filling out the application for membership you failed to fill in why you wanted to join. Blank applications are denied. If this was the case...try again and fill in Why you want to...