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    Brass or Brassed?

    Your best option would be stainless screws, as the last oak piece I made the screws were brass and I wrung the head off a screw.
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    Thanks Garno for your kind words. Perhaps I was a bit hasty with my refusal of the second jab, but at the time of writing I was feeling unwell. I do realise the importance of full vaccination, my GP is going to phone me Monday to discuss the matter.
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    Had my AZ vaccine yesterday afternoon, in and out in 4 minutes very efficient. About 3 am this morning I began to shiver then shake, I have never been so cold, chest pains, short of breath, reminded me of my heart attack 2 years ago. The side affects have been reported with the Corvid yellow...
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    Rutland chuck

    I would use the tailstock centre with light pressure and turn the base as close to the centre as you can. Then remove the bowl and use a flat chisel to remove the waste piece.
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    Such a wonderful piece, you have more patience than myself.
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    Help Choosing A Chuck

    I have a nova chuck, their limit is 1 1/4" X 8. The Versa chuck I also own, has many backplate thread options. The Record SC4 would be a good choice, many inserts to choose from, including M33. I will be buying an SC4 later this year, if I survive!
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    Swivel Head Lathe

    I have a Nova 3000 short bed, 600mm centres, swivel head. Quite old now, but reliable.
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    Advice on glue marks

    You need to just fill the gap, the staining can be removed with perhaps 1mm more wood removal, the ca fill will remain. What I have found useful was a tiny tube supplied with ca bought from a pound shop, for accurate filling of cracks, remember it's wood!
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    How many active turners remain in UKWorkshop ?

    Yes I still do some turning, but not as much as I would like.
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    Robert Sorby captive ring tool - how to make it work!

    Use a parting tool to cut a grove either side of the ring you want to form. Then round over the outside of the ring and use the tool for the inner and to part off.
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    Making good use of a tree stump.

    Fantastic piece of carving. I have a cherry tree about the same height as your tree, a project for the spring perhaps.
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    Longworth style bowl chucks - any experience?

    Longworth jaws are awkward to tighten, need a third hand. Try making a set of reversing jaws out of 12mm rigid plastic, like the Nova ones, as I did. And buy the buttons from Charnwood.
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    Axminster Precision Chuck Runout

    I also use an Axminster Precision Chuck, my chuck was made in Poland. My backplate is 1/1/4", I agree with CHJ, 3/4" is rather small diameter for a very heavy chuck.
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    Keeping chuck and insert together

    My chuck insert came loose with a grub screw. Remove and clean insert and chuck, use a drop of thread lock and tighten, cured mine. Hope this helps, Tony.