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    Looking for a trend cdj600/05.

    As it happens I have just boxed one up and moved it into somewhere into my storage unit whilst we move house. Im kind of tied up for the next few days but if you have not found one by Monday give me a message and I will try dig it back out for you and check the condition etc :)
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    Old Bandsaw wheel wobble advice

    Didn't expect this many replies! Not been on the computer for a couple of days to check but appreciate every single bit of help so far, thank you all! Gives me some good places to start :) So I removed the belt and the wobble is still just as bad. There is no play in the wheel though it feels...
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    Old Bandsaw wheel wobble advice

    Brilliant thank you I will try get the belt off in the morning and see what it's doing but thats great thank you. Will post back my findings tomorrow. Regarding the men in shed groups unfortunatly the one near me was only round the corner but it closed down a short while ago but it is something...
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    Old Bandsaw wheel wobble advice

    Thanks for the replys so far! I have not got around to dressing the wheels yet, I have only removed the old deteriorated rubber that was on previously. I managed to get out and have a little look at it again, spent more time trying to clear space to get to it properly! Anyway, what I managed...
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    Old Bandsaw wheel wobble advice

    I have checked the tightness of the bolts holding the wheel on and everything feels tight. I don't plan to run it like this though, I only ran it like this for a 30 second video after noticing how bad it was. I really hope it is something as simple as a bush missing or something like this...
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    Old Bandsaw wheel wobble advice

    No im pretty certain there is no play in it at all when the machine is turned off. I will double check though when I can get back out to it. It turns pretty freely also considering its connected to the motor. Turning it by hand you can't really notice the wobble, I didn't notice it at all whilst...
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    Old Bandsaw wheel wobble advice

    Hi sorry if I put this in the wrong section, was abit unsure where to put it but please move if needed. A couple of years ago I bought my first bandsaw - an old Walker Turner 16" (1939 to 1948). It's had occasional but very little use since I have had it, but it has been working fine with no...
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    Bandsaw help

    Hi all, just hoping for abit of advice really. I have an old Walker Turner 16" bandsaw and its in pretty good working order but it could really do with a fence, some new tyres, and a bolt for the tilt mechanism to lock properly as there is no thread on the one thats on it. Basically I was...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    This is what im on with recently, its not quite finished yet but almost there :) Not had chance to make much recently, apart from this the last thing I made was 2-3 months ago! Trying to get back into it again though