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    Identify this part and I'll give it to you

    Brill......at last someone speaking some sense. 😁 Haven’t heard from Sir Stanley for a while, he must have been away researching. 😂
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    Pushfit soil pipe as dust extraction

    I replaced my flexible pipework with 110mm drainage pipe a few years back and, although screwfix is handy/local for immediate purchases, I bought the vast majority of pipe and fittings from an online company. Cant remember the exact company but here’s a suitable web example to illustrate...
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    Flooring weight limits

    in a previous life I worked as a building surveyor and very often went out with building control and/or the structural engineer. There were many instances where they had to make somewhat instant judgements on whether or not a joist had been suitably sized etc. They had a GENERAL rule that I’ve...
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    Does cheap dust extraction hose exist?

    i tried a load of this on my first setup and it ‘seemed’ to be fine. It wasn’t until I started changing certain runs for smooth drainage pipe that I noticed the vast amount of tiny perished holes within it. I suppose its a very cheap solution for a temporary set up that should last for a short...
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    Anyone know where I can buy these.....?

    Now that is interesting! 👍
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    Heating the workshop

    “What is this inner circle you speak of? And more importantly, is there a jig for it?” Now that is very clever! 🤔😂👍
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    Heating the workshop

    So sorry, I forgot I’m not in the inner circle and should not have tried to actually answer the OP‘s question.
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    Heating the workshop

    “If everyone had simply answered my question....” I’m not sure whether to laugh or be despondent at that one 🤔
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    Heating the workshop

    The responses appears typical in that the majority of you ‘once again’ treat the questioner as a small child who must be scolded....for gods‘s sake either answer him or assume that if he’s bright enough to operate a computer and old enough to own a shed and operate machinery that he’s able to...
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    Dust collection port mismatch?

    How about this....brill idea using magnets 👍
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    I have a wheel question

    You’re mixing up your ’R’s’ with your ‘D’s’ 👍
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    Dust collection port mismatch?

    I’d thought I’d seen them all until I came across this one....very good and, if you can get hold of the right bottle, appears to be the easiest.
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    Duck tape or duct tape?

    Well well...... I do remember my late father, who worked at ROF Glascoed in Usk (munitions factory) bringing the odd roll home. In the factory it was ALWAYS known as ’jungle tape’. It was often a source of argument with my mates, as we grew up, who would insist on calling it duct tape......I was...
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    House dust extractor outside? Lean to?

    I did this a year or two back because I too needed more valuable floor space. I originally had a relatively light 1hp machine and because I did not want (or need to) house it outside, I dismantled it from its castored base and mounted it internally at roof level to the rafters (single pitch...
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    Metal profile roof sheets dripping

    It will happen! I have the same although when I built my ‘shed’ I included an inner breather membrane which has ‘dealt’ with the problem of condensation droplets.........up to a point. The condensation collects On the inner side of the profiled roof, gains weight and eventually the larger...