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    Record Power TS2 Sliding Table Saw

    Thanks for the update, Definitely looks the part and the size is perfect for my workshop and type of jobs I do!
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    Record Power TS2 Sliding Table Saw

    Hi, any updates on the record ts2? im on the hunt for a new saw and liking the look of this
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    Wanted Combination Machine Single Phase

    I have a robland hx310 pro 240 volt I bought new around 2 years ago It’s got the upgraded spiral cutter head in, I’m wanting separate machines now so it’s going to be for sale
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    Spindle table inserts

    I’m looking at making a few table insert rings up for a old spindle moulder of mine, Any recommendations what to use? Mdf, ply, Perspex type of thing? Thanks
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    Multico tenoner parts

    Thanks for the heads up on this, I’ll be watching the auction and certainly be bidding on it Thanks Kevyn
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    Combination machine

    Evening! Just wondering if anyone uses a combination machine for there work? I’m using the robland hx310 pro fitted with the spiral cutter head, very impressive finish from it, The downside of using it for me is breaking it down to use other functions, I’ve just bought a kufo spindle...
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    Multico tenoner parts

    Thanks Yes I have thought of getting one made up from a fab shop, like you say the weld is ok seems to do the job, guess it’s just ugly looking! But doesn’t affect how it works, I’ll look into getting one made, Thanks
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Actually two of the last things I’ve made 😎
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    Multico tenoner parts

    Good morning, I’m new to this forum, having seen posts associated with woodwork and machines through google I thought I’d get involved I’ve been a joiner for 25 years now! I feel old.. I currently use a new robland hx310 pro combo machine which is a nice tool, I’ve decided to buy a...
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    spindle moulder,

    thanks guys, very helpfull.
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    spindle moulder,

    hi, where could i get the rings/collars that fill the shaft of a spindle moulder, to allow for different size tooling?? its 30mm bore thanks!
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    motor changing??

    hi, i have the chance of a sedgwick spindle moulder sm3, but its 3 phase, could i buy a new motor and convert it to single phase? is it easy/possible? i have no idea with things like this.. thanks kevyn