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    Cordless tool options (manufacturer)

    I imagine your choice will depend on what you will be using them for, how much you will use them and the extent to which you will be dependent on them. My Dad always said - buy the best tool you can afford. Good advice 40 years ago from and for a professional, but with the choice of tools now...
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    Time to pack it all in....

    All the best with the new job and I hope you enjoy your new work/life style.
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    Thanks for the invite and Hello all..

    Welcome Martin, I am new too, but finding it a great place to learn.
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    Worktop support - advice please

    I have done a similar thing with an Ikea wood top, a batten on the back and one side and an adjustable Ikea leg holding up the 'free' front corner. Mine is a computer and writing desk. Cheap and cheerful as well as quick to put in place, but entirely happy with it after several years in use.
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    "Off the shelf" vs DIY workbenches

    Yes, I believe that is one of the videos on the channel in which the bench features. In fact I see that there are 2 episodes devoted to the build and plans are available. A YT search for Hooked on Wood Workbench brings them up.
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    Axminster Deliveries

    Well, I used Axminster lots when setting up my retirement workshop 5 years ago and was delighted with their own brand hobby machines and service - especially detailed advice, but I have to confess I have drifted away from them of late in favour of cheaper tool specialists and even Amazon, Aldi...
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    Workbench tops what material HDF?? MDF Ply

    It is a case horses for courses I imagine, but I do consider this to be one of the most beautiful benches around - and great for the 'modern' machine woodworker.
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    "Off the shelf" vs DIY workbenches

    Not to encourage you to delay but three is a modern bench design on a YT channel called Hooked On Wood that I think is just gorgeous as well as very functional. If I had my time again I'd be very tempted ..... :)
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    "Off the shelf" vs DIY workbenches

    Good point. I had one of these at one point, put a couple of 3 inch (in those days!) runners below the feet to get it to my height, and it was the best value bench I ever had - to this day.
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    "Off the shelf" vs DIY workbenches

    I built my own to a set of plans from a woodworking mag. I see many, many YouTube designs that combine the modern with the traditional to great effect. I guess it depends on the style of woodworking you are into as to the design. However, for our volunteers at our allotments we recently...
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    Importance of safety

    Wow! What a timely lesson - for me. I have been a bit cavalier re safety glasses and the router, but I won't be from now on for sure. A pairs those recommended above (by Steve) now on their way to replace the 'wear over the top' of my reading glasses that I tended to 'forget'.
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    workshop lighting

    I had/have the same issue. When my latest flourescent-tube failed I started moving to cheap LED lamps from CPC online. I am pleased so far. A friend suggested these instead of LED tubes I like that they are easy to direct where I need them, and cheap enough to have multiples. Also cheaper to...
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    Things I learned in the last 6 months

    Excellent List! I have learned that 'making it up as I go along' is not a good design strategy, but it is an ingrained habit of mine. I have yet to learn how to curb it.
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    Count count......

    This is all very helpful. Note to self: make more effort to take part! :)
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    Small Chamfer Plane

    What a lovely thing.