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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    This is Stitchy the leather stitcher. I don't need a permanent place for my leather stitcher but I do have to store it in the workshop so I made a case to protect it from dust and to make it a little easier to move. It's made from old pine floorboards and 3mm plywood. The case is very light but...
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    I'm worried about what people will think after I die...

    I hope nobody minds and I apologise for the long read, but this might be the post to share what has very recently happened to me and a reminder that not everything goes the way we plan it. At the beginning of the year, I started contributing to D_W’s post ‘Anyone Want to do a Weight Loss...
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    Keto diet

    Artie, I thought you might be interested in this podcast article on YouTube from the people at Zoe. I have no real thoughts or opinions about the keto diet itself, just an interest in what works for others. Well done to your weight control by-the-way. I found it interesting to watch and contrary...
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    Lathe chuck -- Axminster vs Vevor

    I've been using the Axminster precision chuck for twenty years and I glad I made that investment. But, if I had to buy all over again, I would also be looking at the Versachuck that Phil is suggesting.
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    How long do disposable thickness planers last in hardwood

    Any dirt left behind on used boards will blunt blades in minutes. You only need to miss a few areas when cleaning. I use almost exclusively used timber. If it is dirty I would usually take off the top 1mm with a scrub plane before putting it through my thicknesser. Otherwise, the two 200mm HSS...
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    Post a pic of something you have recycled

    This is something I made for my cricket crazy friend about ten years ago from his own old bat and ball. The idea is not mine but based on a similar one I saw in a show window going for a squillian quid.
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    SHOW ME- Your plane storage ideas

    This is my storage. Both the plane and saw cabinets are on French cleats but that was more for ease of fitting them. When I empty one it's very light to lift off being made of old pine floorboard and 9mm ply. The mounting board is sloped at an angle and the heel is a chamfered block so when the...
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    Bench Grinder (or sharpening system)?

    Another one for a decent grinder. I sold my Tormek about eight years ago. I wanted to just get an edge quickly and get back to turning. As for wood chisels, it's quicker for me to grind the new bevel then sharpen it on a stone. I can't advise on a modern grinder. I have a Tull 6" grinder forty...
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    Dangerous Pallets?

    They tend to be pallets that have stone slabs, tiles and slates coming on from exotic lands. It can be nice looking hardwood with interesting grains and colours but really steer clear of them. I would not bother using them even if I couldn't see the MB stamp. It just isn't worth it.
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    Offcuts and what to do with them

    Thanks. It might seem a waste of ebony too but it had that many shakes in it it wasn't much good for anything.
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    Offcuts and what to do with them

    I sometimes use offcuts to make chopping boards but this time I thought I might glue them up for turning a bowl. The problem with doing this is after only a short while you can feel the difference between each strip as they all move at different rates so the glue lines are obvious to the touch...
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    Wood filler

    Another for the card scraper. You might want to dampen the area then dry it with a hair dryer/heat gun a couple of times first to raise any compressed areas.
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    Stand on castors, heavy kit?

    Another one here for the Lidl or Aldi welders and make your own. In the end you have a castor mounted machine and a welder.
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    Sold 70 plus Brass BC Lamp holders, New Old Stock

    Messaged you too Steve.