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  1. K

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Nice work. What ebonising lacquer did you use?
  2. K

    Newbie, few things I made.

    This is why I like coming here each evening. I get to see some excellent work from members and also get to learn things in the comments like . Priceless.
  3. K

    I blame YouTube, how many more Americanisms are we going to have to suffer ?

    We don't have morgues either. We have mortuaries. That is starting to wind me up too. Plus, I'm fine, not good or okay. It's a burr not a burl.
  4. K

    Wrist watch recommendations

    For many years I bought watches on whims. Nothing too expensive. Since my retirement I have whittled it down now to ten by selling or giving some away. I feel a little guilty about having those now because I rarely wear them. My go-to watch is my Garmin fenix 3. I have a pack of screen...
  5. K

    Double sided tape?

    As an addition to the CA glue approach, you can use masking tape then double-sided tape on top of that instead of the CA glue. It's not ideal. DS tape is a beggar to get off along with the residue and it would be great if there is/was a low-tack version out there - like DS masking tape?
  6. K

    PPE for turning - concerns over the PAPR masks

    I bought my JSP Powercap in the early oughts. The power pack is the original one that it came with that is on a long cable so I can put it in my smock back pocket or clip to a belt. It still powers the mask for a full day. No neck pain that I can recall. Have to wear ear-buds to listen to my...
  7. K

    Tips for dowel making jig?

    Just saw this one on YouTube. First time I've seen it done like this.
  8. K

    Wood mallet

    I've had the same mallet for twenty years. It's had four new heads and two new handles in that time. RIP Trigger
  9. K

    Workshop apron or coat

    For years I've worn an apron for general workshop woodworking. The one I wear now is custom made for me, by me. It's wax canvas with leather pockets. I wear a leather apron, also made by me, for the occasional bit of stick welding or grinding. A turners smock which I've had for possibly twenty...
  10. K

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    That still looks like Tulipwood to me which North Americans would also refer to as Poplar. Tulipwood - Wikipedia
  11. K

    Mid range/budget chisels

    The only Marples I have are ancient mortice chisels with wooden handles that I've picked up from here and there over the years. I have no complaints with those either. I've never heard a bad thing about Marples so I imagine they must be good. As for the bid, I would just watch until near the end...
  12. K

    Mid range/budget chisels

    A set of six has just been added to ebay. £20.00 starting price. I've had the five set since my 21st birthday 1981. Also picked up a few extra at car boots for a quid here and there. No complaints from me.
  13. K

    Angle grinder wood sanding disc

    That has me thinking. I bet you could load the rough side of a leather belt with buffing wax as a polishing abrasive. A strop to the work piece rather than the other way around as you would with a blade. I can't test it on a metal lathe (I don't have one) but I try to think of it next time I'm...
  14. K

    which way for the blade?

    My understanding is that the arrow on a hacksaw blade points in the direction of the cut and not the direction it should be fitted. Personally, I think you should fit it in your preferred direction or in the direction the situation requires.
  15. K

    Angle grinder wood sanding disc

    On disc/belt cleaning. If you ever have a bottle of wine with one of those plastic type corks instead of a natural cork stopper you can use it to clean either - while they are running of course. I only buy wine with a cork stopper because I find the metal ring left behind with a screw top can...